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A Sweet Rhapsody

Musicians playing

melodious piece

blend of instruments

a lively rhapsody

irregular rhythm


evoking senses



foot tapping


reaches a crescendo

What a masterpiece, Maestro!

A Very Short Memory

I remembered those nights when I had to wake up in the middle of the night,

forcing myself to open my eyes widely so that I could hear that melodious voice of you. 27 more words

Springtime ignites with melodious birdsong - commdiginews.com

“Gracing humanity with their melodious symphonic sounds, North American songbirds call attention to the advent of springtime…

According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 4,000 species of songbirds worldwide, with evidence suggesting they evolved over 50 million years ago… 118 more words

loving melodious

It’s not that some people like to brag. They just love the melodious sound of their own voice.