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To Frost ... or... Not To Frost

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Between the rain and the warmer snaps the abundance continues in the garden.  It is such a great time of year to see the green thriving, cabbages putting on their heads.   799 more words

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What does 'Local Food' Mean on an Island

We just had a couple visiting from Canada and they were just a little shocked at the sticker price of food here.  If you don’t like fruits and vegetables, it can be shocking.  461 more words


Bringing in the Rain ... Bringing in the Veggies

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So we have plenty of rain now.  This has been a great year for cover crops.  Next year’s early onions and garlic are  going great.   834 more words

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Yaşıl bazar in fall

Yaşıl bazar, the green bazar in Baku, is my favorite market in Baku with its fresh produce, cheese, dried fruits and nuts. It is mainly located in a huge hall close to Taebris street and the railway station. 130 more words


427: Watermelons, Panamanian Style

I am from Georgia in the USA. We are an agricultural, rural state, if you can ignore those few square miles around Atlanta. Cordele, Georgia claims to be the watermelon capital of the world – and well do I recall getting forty-pound-plus melons for fifty cents.  220 more words


The Canary Melon

You know I live dangerously when I tell my wife as she is walking out the door to a farmers market, “if you see any unusual plants go ahead and pick them up.”  Well, she came home with five Canary Melon plants.  186 more words

Urban Farm

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

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As work begins to move away from the garden we also start to wrap up our garden prep for this spring.  Breaking ground is rounding completion and bare ground is covered with its winter blanket of crimson clover and rye.   749 more words

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