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First Sowing of the Season

Okay, so it doesn’t look terribly exciting just yet, but I did clean out the Summer House the other day. The Summer House is our sunniest greenhouse. 614 more words

Farm Updates

2015 Spring Garden Plan ~ Part 1

While many of you across the country (especially in New England) are buried under a couple of feet of snow, I’m sure you’re thinking more about snow shovels and rock salt than seeds and grow lights. 733 more words


So I Decided to Torture Myself....

I took next Thursday off from work and scheduled myself a doctor’s appointment AND a dentist appointment. This has to be my worst idea since the baseball bat incident. 250 more words

Completely Made Up Groups and the Hits They Never Made part 1

Yes, these are completely made up in my own little mind.  I blame it on being chased by headless chickens as a youngster on the farm. 38 more words

The Wisdom Of Taffy O Strikes Again

Thoughts For Your Hole- The Smashing Melons by Smith Q. Johns

I saw a man with a dirty face today that looked like Gallagher. He was walking down the street and had a thrift store suit on that, although oversized, was actually very clean. 138 more words


A Flavour of Vientiane

So here we are. Both of us. Right here. Right now. The only true moment. You know all other moments are either imagined or wrongly remembered, so can never be true. 357 more words