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Edward Stephens - the Customs Official who became an MP

Edward Stephens was elected Dover’s Member of Parliament in 1589, the year after the Spanish Armada, along with Sir Thomas Fane. In those days, Dover boasted of two representatives in Parliament and Edward was the junior of the two. 1,029 more words


The Care of Children 11 - The Parliamentary Consultative Committee on Educational Reform

As indicated in the suggestions I advanced in these columns for Parliamentacy Reform, I had had no great regard for Parliamentary Consultative Committees as they function now, because they rarely contribute to policy making, which should be one of their prime concerns. 1,049 more words


29 - my callousnessness

Oh, I was callous to this fish, A. He was a very sweet fish – short, beard, had written his PhD on some obscure boxer, had been a university professor before going on to write speeches for Members of Parliament. 416 more words

The Power of Equality

This week we’ve been adding to our biographies and graphic novels. We’ve had a number of student requests to increase the choice of biographies and reflect the lives of women in other countries and cultures. 122 more words

Why Modi could still lose the world's biggest Election (and Congress could win)

Let’s be honest about this. From the beginning.

There is a Modi wave. No doubt. He is being talked about by everybody around me; from friends to family to strangers – his name pops out in different ways, everyday. 848 more words


Thomas Kelsey - Governor of Kent and Sussex and the Battle of Dover

Although some historians say that Thomas Kelsey was a Lord Warden during the Interregnum (1649-1660), when England was without a monarchy, the office of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, as such, did not exist at that time. 2,620 more words


Expectations of our MP's

650 Members of Parliament to be perfect, human failings occur in every part of society. I certainly don’t want to prohibit them in any way. They’re free to succeed or fail like anyone else. 180 more words