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Weigh-In Wednesday: I'm Winning by Losing

Weigh-In Wednesday:  I’m Winning by Losing

by Nick Wallander

I lost a little more weight! Not a lot, but some. The MyFitnessPal app actually seems to be a good reminder that I should stop eating disgusting amounts of food. 264 more words


Wicked Wednesday #122 -- Hate

Rafe hated that Eliza remained friends with Sandrine. He knew he could trust Sandrine with his life, but he was not as sure that he could trust that Eliza would not figure out one day that he had had many transgressions before Severine…including with Sandrine herself in the beginning of their relationship. 694 more words


Curse of Old Men: More Creepy than Funny

Unlike women, as men age, there’s a tendency to stigmatize our awful attempts at humor by branding us “creepy” or “perverted” or “just gross.”  Plant an unfunny line on a 20-year-old guy and a teenaged woman might giggle, while the same line said by a guy over 60, to the same young teen, begets the world breaking apart as the whole tone and timbre of the conversation changes to a perceived perversion. 604 more words


Donors for October 1, 2014

Today started slow, but it got better as time went on so a decent start to October.

Friendly reminder, I cannot have a conversation during the giveaway. 130 more words


Just Yoga being Yoga

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