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From Time Immemorial: Chapter 7 is ready!

We’re still in the car…


doing this…


that’s pretty much it… I warned you all it was slow going

please check out the little announcement at the end of the page… 11 more words

From Time Immemorial

Sleep As Death

In the desert monastery called Mar Saba near Jerusalem, a man now known as St. John Damascene (c. 676 – 749) would conclude his day of work and prayer by approaching his bed and praying: 1,081 more words


From Time Immemorial: Chapter 6 is up! Plus a little bonus...

We last left our couple here…


promise no alcohol today…

and because of those hijinks I present to you this freakishly fantastic trio…


If anyone can find me the Malcolm and Liam to my Diane I still have a banner waiting for them, it has a disco ball and everything… 49 more words

From Time Immemorial

A for Asphyxiation

Hand embroidered work in progress today.


Memento Mori: The Quest for Immortality

Ernest Becker’s The Denial of Death begins with a dedication “To the memory of my parents, who unwittingly gave me–among other things–the most paradoxical gift of all: a confusion about heroism.” A quote from Spinoza follows: “Not to laugh, not to lament, not to curse but to understand.” In Becker’s work, this quest for understanding centers on human anxiety about death and on the echoes of this existential dread in the lives of individuals and entire civilizations. 230 more words

Ernest Becker

한 사람이야기 11. 낮아줌마

졸음이 쏟아지는데 잠이 오지 않는다는 것을 누가 믿을 수 있을까. 어제도 두 시간을 자는 둥 마는 둥 하고 밤을 샜다. 하룻동안 해야 하는 일은 그닥 많지 않다.

Memento Mori

From Time Immemorial: Chapter 5 is ready!

This time we will hear from Pam….


but she’s still slightly pissed on account of these from chapter 1…


so expect a couple of these… 46 more words

From Time Immemorial