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homo bulla


Homo Bulla (Man is but a bubble)/Memento Mori (Remember you will die), 2014.

Transient and vain is everything in our life: everything hangs from the thread of Lachesis. 140 more words


We’re mere memories,

Clutter and stardust.

A thousands years hence,

Our balance-sheets disolved,

What voice will carry forth

The story’s end?

The corpse of wish-lists finds… 36 more words


Memento Mori, the Baby's Dress

I’ve been busy. You know, busy with that other thing I do besides being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, blogger (that still feels so weird to type), runner, and an auction volunteer, plus butt wiper (generally not specifically related to auction volunteer, but you never know…) and so on. 637 more words

Memento Mori


One day, you are going to die.

Let me rephrase that because we often hear this fact, but our brains have a habit of easily dismissing it. 813 more words

Something a little different..

Matching art. Memento mori and memento vivere – roughly remember that you die and remember to live in Latin.

TMBG. Jacobean Embroidery. Day of the Dead Embroidery

I really liked the part Jacobean, part Day of the Dead embroidery I just finished:

And I wanted to do another one, a larger one, and make it more musical. 114 more words


The Skeletons In The Closet

I admit to a fascination with Death.

But the Death I revere is a fantasy. I have met the real one, and He was not a  ray of light, or promise of more to come, but a yawning, terrifying chasm of nothing. 454 more words

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