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Vaulting Memes

Here is something really different than the other posts. I think this page is a first. The blogger collected typical vaulting sayings & posted it with funny memes.


The Art of the Internet Flash-Fad: Analysis through Twerking

It occurred to me the other day that I’ve been talking about Internet culture this entire time, and have yet to properly go over flash fads. 649 more words


African Animals Expressing My Thoughts and Feelings

I can’t say I condone anthropomorphizing species, but as I look over some of my photographs from my time in South Africa I’ve been realizing how much their faces interpret exactly how I feel as this semester of graduate school winds down. 196 more words

Funny Videos and Meme Filled Tuesday

Sooooooo….. It’s Tuesday. Yes—-you heard me correctly…I did not say Friday.

I said Tuesday and right about now I am definitely wishing that the Tues part was switched to Booze. 369 more words


Phoneless Week: Day 2

Turns out that there will only be three posts in this series making the total days of phone-less-ness four. Oh well.

Apart from the amount of reading I am getting done (and spring cleaning) I realize that I need to prioritize important tasks and allocate time accordingly. 295 more words

Two Sense

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award recognizes up-and-coming bloggers with 500 followers or less. And would you look at that, Ruby Bastille saw fit to pass it on to Reading in Skirts! 958 more words