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Attentive readers may recall that on July 10 I took a leave of absence from “Getting Old” to clean up the manuscript of a book I had abandoned unfinished ten years ago. 1,522 more words

Getting Old

He suggested they pick a day.

What happened was he suggested they pick a day, which was the worst idea ever, but she was trying not to micromanage and honestly she didn’t know what to do either, so she said fine. 1,698 more words


On writing: From marrow bones to lint brushes (Part 2)

So, where were we?

Ah, we were talking about finding inspiration for your writing by just paying attention to what is going on around you. I was telling you about the Kickball Ice Cream Maker in an earlier post. 592 more words


A Horror Story: Delight in Disorder Tuesday

You have taken from me my closest friends

and have made me repulsive to them.

I am confined and cannot escape;

my eyes are dim with grief.

432 more words
Spiritual Reflections


I was loathe to go to the required AmeriCorps 20th anniversary celebration — now that I am officially a “member” of AmeriCorps (not an employee). First of all, I was too blasted busy at both the homeless shelter, prepping for the art exhibit I have been arranging and promoting since April, as well as my service site — a seriously downsized and in disarray arts academy — to absent myself from them for two solid days. 802 more words


Writing 101, Stream of Consciousness Assignment

I’m supposed to write for twenty minutes, in a stream of consciousness style, then post it for all to see. I’ve signed up for a WordPress Daily Prompt (for the next 20 days) in which we’ll write to prompts with twists. 443 more words


Books and Blasphemy

For a few years I kept all my books in the garage. They were on a bookshelf, not stuffed into boxes. But, yes, they were in the garage. 444 more words

Creative Writing