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I stepped on a snake today.

Right on him. I was walking the path around the back yard and I saw the snake slithering by. I had my foot in mid-air and was on the downswing and unable to stop or move away. 371 more words


Out and About, and finding my brain.

It’s  been just over a month since I had my mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. I am able to get up out of bed more easily. 423 more words


This writer on her work

Years ago, an ex (the drug dealer I dated while a student at Columbia University) told me “You ain’t goin’ out” when he overheard me talking to a friend on the phone about our plans for the weekend. 1,416 more words


Not That Girl

She is not the girl who scratched and clawed her way to the top. She is the girl who learned how to float to prevent from sinking when life tried to weigh her down. 363 more words


Day 3 - What is Faith made of?

Faith is not imaginary. Like oxygen, we can’t see it, but it exists. While Wikipedia defines faith as a belief not based on truth, that is not accurate. 205 more words


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Day 3 of Ambassador Devotional. Enjoy -- SueAnn


During a heated debate about needing to buying a new car (to replace the 1988 Dodge Omni which kept dying at inopportune times), my second husband nastily hissed “You are such a bulldozer!” 1,052 more words