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Are You Sure?

There are days where I question the choices I’ve made. Truth be told, days like this are becoming more frequent. It’s like every element of my life is playing a little game with me called, “Are you sure?” 582 more words


The Tomatoes Could Be Terrible. Write Anyway.

I just started working as an editor. I’m freelance, so I see a lot of self-published work, some of which fits every horrible stereotype about self-publishing. 390 more words



She found herself in the bathroom again. Only this time she was waiting impatiently for the window on her pregnancy test to reveal a positive or negative sign. 1,733 more words

10/20/14- Daily Prompt:

Write a story that inlcudes these four words; juvenile hall, lost, ghosts…


Let me take you for a ride...

Heart-pounding gallop down the dirt road. Not that there was any point of feeling out of control, just the knowledge that one misstep would be painful. 206 more words

New Hampshire

The Second Best Brother

There was a brief period of time, around age 22, when I moved home to live with my mother. I had been fully independent for a solid four years and I wanted a break from the responsibility. 605 more words


The Bomb's Too Big for the Plane

Jay Matthews latest blog post in theĀ Washington PostĀ describes a concern raised by education policy writer Mike Petrilli about the “thin content” in his child’s first grade class in Montgomery County, MD. 531 more words