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A Power of My Own

The death of my youngest son affected me deeply. I began too throw myself into political and provincial affairs as an escape. Each time that my son Tiberius had a victory he, like all high-ranking victors, held a feast for the men of Rome. 132 more words

Ancient Rome

Back in the 90's

Līgo Haibun Challenge –  write a haibun in 345 words

Ouote Prompt – Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay. – … 331 more words


what about Easter?

Okay. The Eiffel Tower. It’s Easter. Who doesn’t remember Easter? Even if you’ve never been to France? And your parents will not make it to France until they are middle aged? 255 more words


In Konya

In Konya

Ligo Haibun Challenge 24-31 October

Prompt:   “And then there are the times when the wolves are silent and the moon is howling.”  ― George Carlin… 409 more words


The Down syndrome Discount: Sweetness, Sympathy or Something Else?

Today I lost Nic three times in the supermarket. It’s a large supermarket, and I tend to double back to get things I forgot, so perhaps I could take a different angle on this and say that Nic lost me three times in the supermarket. 274 more words

Down Syndrome

Day 25: It's *GASP* the Barnes Collection

I gasped.

That was my reaction walking into the Main Room (1) at the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia. There was too much art to comprehend….everything on the wall was important, significant, amazing.  220 more words


Coming Down the Mountain

Steam rose like an ashen curse over the Ozarks, cutting away the beauty of the inland jungle that surrounded the house. A hot summer day already, barely 5am. 1,776 more words