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A Memory

When I was seven, I suffered from a horrible ear infection, causing both of my eardrums to rupture over night. I woke up with blood streaming down the sides of my neck and dripping onto the floor. 508 more words


Concussion Go Away

I wrote this at the end of last week…

I’ve not been able to write most of the week because of the concussion.  Reading and looking on my phone or tablet was also not allowed. 146 more words


[What in Those Days Were Called] Village Idiots

I’ve come to distrust memories, which, if you want to get technical, are basically chemical/electric configurations warehoused somewhere, somehow in the brain. Over the course of my six decades, I have not always consumed the recommended daily allowance of vitamins.* I also plead guilty to attempting to blunt the pain of my existence by drinking more than the recommended daily allowance of malted beverages — a combination of behaviors that I suspect over the course of a lifetime might fray synapses, make brain chemicals go bad — might muddy memory, desire, dream, daydream. 542 more words

Summerville SC

How Writing About Boring Stuff Made Me a Better Writer – and Rich*

When I graduated from college with a Master’s Degree in Writing I was ready to write the Great American Novel, a few cover stories for Rolling Stone Magazine, and probably an Oscar-Winning independent film. 552 more words


To Bee

To support myself during the summers of graduate school I worked as a research assistant to my advisor. He had made quite a name for himself by applying economic models to biological systems. 588 more words


Memoir Man by Amouage

As one gets a feel for fragrances, they inevitably begin to pick out notes that appeal to them; these may even be broad classifications, as wide as colour schemes or using a musical and/or visual-art based lexicon to grasp fragrance. 652 more words


Bitter or Better

When our life changes because of an unforeseen circumstance, it can change how we see ourselves and how others look at us. This can be something that changes us on the inside – where no one else can see, or it can be an injury that alters our appearance – something that everyone can see. 207 more words