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The Saga of Nature Boy

Daily Prompt: Out of Breath... what was your busiest day in the past decade? Here goes…

A day in the life, 15 November 2012… 921 more words


Ten Years After

October 24, ten years ago today.  I’ll never forget. The loss of a good friend, and a good person, Keith Deaver, KMD.  I think about Keith, yet it’s been ten years.   485 more words

Captain's View

The best way to get over somebody, is to get under somebody.

This is a school of thought that I used to subscribe to, though following the events of last night, I don’t any more and never will again. 1,641 more words

Diary Entries

Peacock Feathers by Daphne Jaaback

From an early age, our son, Ken, realized that monetary coins were different from all other circular or cylindrical objects. They had a unique  swappable  value. 357 more words


Memoirs of You: Part II

You don’t know what it’s like to completely hate yourself, everything about yourself. The way you look, the way you walk, the way your smile curves up too much on one side, the way your accent is obnoxious, or the way your nose takes up too much of your face. 185 more words

Memoirs of You

When I look at photos I do not see the person that I’m with, or the scenery behind me. I see myself, standing alone, even if in reality I’m not. 247 more words

Memoir #3 – How to Get Eaten by Crocodiles

29 days shooting documentaries in the desert and tropics. We covered murders, deaths in custody, the stolen generation and politics. So when we had a chance to drive to the tip of the Northern Territory for a few hours of recreation, we took it, smoking and relaxing, enjoying the untouched wilderness. 454 more words