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Fighting is always the answer

I was driving down the freeway in my wonderful little Honda Civic. It’s a 2002 with a manual transmission and over 180k miles on it, but it is probably the best car I have ever owned. 1,128 more words

Philosophical Musings

Archive and Simplify

One of the hallmarks of 21st century culture, particularly here in the States, is deep commercialism. And I say commercialism in what’s almost a religious sense. 520 more words


Show and Tell – At the Chichester Family Reunion

By Bruce Summers, Personal Historian, Summoose Tales, summersbw@gmail.com

Many colleagues in the Association of Personal Historians have introduced versions of Adult Show and Tell. The concept is to invite adults or individuals of all ages to bring objects then to have them tell a story about why the objects are important to them. 2,042 more words

Family History

Powell, Margaret. SERVANTS' HALL.

A grand house in the country. A mousy in-between maid, pompous butler, and regal housekeeper. A forbidden romance between servant and gentry ending in an elopement. 373 more words

My Mum and Dad
3 Siblings
The 1960′s

My early years of life continued in relative simplicity. By the time I was 2 and a half I had a sibling. 225 more words


Mavericks just wanna have fun (Another nixed chapter of new memoir)

“Mom, I can’t believe you followed me to Japan and taught there for three years; you’re so adventurous, “my daughter Desiree says to me”

“I’m not adventurous I’m like Cyndi Luaper without the fame, money or talent… 202 more words


The Weekend

Why does it feel to me as if the weekends run away with me? 

Friday evening we spent at Ouma and Oupa because Ouma just came home from Cape Town. 808 more words

Breast Feeding