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Short Short Stories

A local newspaper solicited short short stories (25 words or less) to run in the paper during the month of August.

At the end of the summer, one story will be chosen as “the winner” and its author will receive a culinary prize from . 534 more words


Lemon Poppyseed Muffins & Crazy

<Begin rant>

“You’re crazy,” someone once said to me, and I could tell by the way his eyes blazed that he meant it, that he utterly didn’t understand me and it frightened and annoyed him to no end. 2,668 more words


Roll-up Roll-up

Roll-up roll-up … Everyone’s a Winner…    


Nowadays, it can be a frustrating case of hit and miss locating a decent read. Masses of online hawkers constantly target a weary market that is flooded with substandard e-books. 73 more words

PwrPuffGzr Writes

Has the internet turned us all into stalkers?

*** DISCLAIMER *** – This post is not about anyone in particular. I am not writing it about anyone, I am not conjecturing anything about anyone, it is about no one in particular and is merely a comment on cyberpsychology and it’s application in modern day life. 1,332 more words


Memoir #2: Age 14 is not the time to learn how to drive a tip truck

Woo, buddy!

That was the high-pitched warning my massive stepfather issued whenever I exceeded his unbelievably high threshold for danger. That same awkward squeak – an alien sound coming from a man with mitts like Thing – was usually associated with his stubborn attempts to teach me to master the control of cars, trucks, boats and planes when I was still a child. 423 more words