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"Lucknow Boy" by Vinod Mehta

I have seen Vinod Mehta often on television programs where he holds forth on a variety of issues. I have known him to be a strong supporter of the Congress Party and a self- proclaimed “pseudo-secularist.” It was with considerable interest therefore that I read his memoirs titled, … 490 more words

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Back to Zion

I’m out and about collecting material for future essays and blog posts. This involves a trip to the home where I grew up in Ogden, Utah…or at least the parts of it that are still standing. 137 more words


Beatitude Point

There is a dream , found in the attic of a memory . It is of my brother . The memory is vague like the weak signal on a radio dial . 275 more words

Time Warp...Thinking Back On Yesterday: Foreward

Ok, So I am taking little trips into my past to either exorcise my demons, or to explain why I think about certain things the way I do. 321 more words


Moon Child

I’ve always preferred the wonder that is the moon. I know some people would dispute this and say how can one not prefer the days when the sun is high, exposed in full glory, warming one to their core? 198 more words

The 1930's glamour girl.

This first story takes place over twenty years ago in the autumn of 1993. I had just finished a three-month engagement on a cruise ship. It was one of the better cruise ship experiences, but still not good. 1,382 more words



Pauly-nanas… My NEW advert…   


I wanted to create my own iconic image. I’m satisfied… I think it has a Andy Warhol-esque vibe about it. 


I hope you all go bananas for it… Not in a doolally way; more an enthusiastic monkey way…  155 more words

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