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Sarah and the Magician

One evening not long ago, I received a text message: “Hi Chris. This is illusionist Leon Etienne.” Which is an adorable way to start a text message to somebody you’ve never met – like an overeager puppy whose ego can’t be broken. 744 more words


James Bond

This picture was taken only days after I came out at my workplace and announced, “I am actually a man and would like to be called Liam from now on.” Everyone embraced who I was. 59 more words


9th Educational Conference on Mental Health

9th Educational Conference on Mental Health Oct.24 Toronto: Catharine McKenty will attend with new edition of Neil’s memoir The Inside Story

Memories Of Neil

I Didn't Mean YOU

Most families, I think, have a someone they refer to as a black sheep. This is the person who cuts against the grain, follows their own path, marches to the beat of their own drum. 1,852 more words


How to use Pinterest as an excuse for your 20s...

Veering now into a bit of (non) fiction, your 20s, and the merits of Pinterest… or lack thereof.

Seeing how there is approximately 3900 km between Calgary and New Orleans–that being a 36 hour drive (thanks Google)–and assuming one is not so desperate, too lazy perhaps, to get there in time for Mardi Gras, our lovely city delivered its own, that being in the form of ‘Marda’ Gras in Marda Loop… get it? 911 more words


Patriots of my land

The world in anarchy
Ruled by an an hierarchy
Managed by a monarchy
Looking upon us with great scorn
Because of them my people mourn… 57 more words


Three non-fiction and one fiction: What I'm reading now.

Three non-fiction books and one short story collection is not necessarily a great mix.  I think the proportions are a little off, though, in truth, the short story collection reads like actual stories taken directly my childhood.   354 more words