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No winners, no sides

A man saw my name tag today and asked, Are you Lao?
I said yes and smiled
because it’s rare to meet someone who can pick out Lao names. 579 more words


many trees

many trees
provide shade
for this street
on a varied
route to the
I find books
this time that
tell personal stories
and grant some rest… 37 more words


Santorini to Yass

The intrepid photographer of this peaceful scene was one of those who enjoyed the mini-gathering in Farrer last week, which we must say was good fun for a small but very merry band. 160 more words


My dear grandma Frida. In the picture, I am sixteen and Grandma is seventy-four. She was the steady rock of my childhood. Frida survived two world wars. 246 more words


Why I quit my course on song-writing? It was online.

Of late I’ve been obsessing on education. And it maybe because I’ve been constantly reading articles on online education. I’m not against this concept – certainly not. 731 more words

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My corner of the world.

I thought I’d start this blog to show where I am, where I live, what I’m doing etc. etc.

It is a nice little corner, I’m sitting here surrounded by gadgets, photos, paintings and books as well as a lot of trash which I should have thrown out a long time ago but somehow, when you hold it in your hand and it has been with you for decades, how can you just throw it away. 24 more words