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Memoirs of a tlj... Five signs your man may be cheating on you

Five signs your man maybe cheating on you

  1. If your man suddenly stops asking you for sex then he may be getting it elsewhere. As we all know most men love sex so if they can go over 2 weeks without (1 in most cases) trying to get into your undies then you may want to start paying closer attention to the signs.
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Rice dreams and ice cream

Noony flashback…

One day I found Mom sitting on the floor, at the low table where we ate all our meals, the one with the elaborate mother-of-pearl inlay of peacocks.   298 more words


"Nerd Do Well" by Simon Pegg (2010)

“It was never my intention to write an autobiography.”

On one of my many and frequent excursions into London, I last year found myself absolutely bladdered and ended up in a small pub which I believe was above a theatre, somewhere on the Isle of Dogs. 841 more words


Children are seen but not heard

Children are to be seen and not heard. That is the basic message I received growing up. Fortunately my father left us when I was fourteen, so we could finally be part of the household scene at all times. 809 more words


A lost world

When I talk about a lost world, I’m not referring to Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park where lab-born dinosaurs are on a rampage after escaping the confides of an eccentric billionaire’s latest money generating scheme.  554 more words