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Have you met Lorna Lee yet? What are you waiting for?

Hi all:

As you know on Fridays I  usually bring you guest authors or new books. Today, I go one better and I’ll do both. I read about my guest today, … 1,088 more words

Guest Author Post

Women Make the Difference Everywhere

Here’s another article just published on Impakter under my real name, Claude Forthomme – memories of the days when I worked at the United Nations, traveling to developing countries, to inspect and evaluate aid projects, trying to sort out problems: 504 more words



NEVER wear a mohair jumper to work when you know you are going to be really busy that day and WILL get sweaty!!! Just got home after a long day, threw my jumper off and stretched in the mirror and to my HORROR…I had super black fluffy mohair pits….WHICH I had been flashing around the office all day unaware <cringe>


And, now, I realize...

 . By T.V. Antony Raj

At 17, I was trying to finish school and start college.

At 21, I was trying to finish college and start working. 67 more words

This Is Life

The DREADED Vinegar Poo

So I was invited to a little networking party through work and this meant FREE BOOZE!!! I get invited to these events a lot……it’s AWWEEESOOOOMME LIVING IN LONDON!! 762 more words


Recipe List! Update!

Hi there! Now you can find what’s on this blog more easily. Click on the “Recipe List” page in the header  or link below  to find something good to prepare! 65 more words


I'm No Delilah....

But I’d like to hear what you reader, have to say, or would like to read about! Suggest a topic, ask me a question about a situation you might have or have had, or share a story that might help someone else get through a tough or confusing time. 15 more words