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LATE NIGHT DABBLES...Ok I Drooled A Little.


The joy of just writing what you feel like writing…

As I fight with the pillow trying the best way to get comfortable to start my binge watching of Netflix, I came upon my latest and greatest new guilty pleasure.   322 more words


Creating history and a smile: Dobroyd Point Cricket Club's tour of the sub-continent

While many Australian grassroots cricket clubs closed their doors on the 2013/14 summer of cricket, Dobroyd Point Cricket Club packed their bags and headed off on a four-week whirlwind cricket tour of India and Nepal. 196 more words


Memoir: Gen. 15 - Latie

My mother waited until I’d graduated from high school¬†to tell me that she’d selected me to be heiress of our legacy heritage, as well as our accumulated wealth and family home, but being who she was, she didn’t push me to accept it sooner than I felt I was ready. 1,926 more words


The Basics...

Fuck yeah blog virginity, ready to rip into this like adolescent teen on his 18th birthday. I’m at a stage in my life where i have little to no fucking idea of what my purpose is or where I’m going; something that i assume would scare most people. 803 more words


brown girl dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson #diversiverse

brown girl dreaming
Jacqueline Woodson
338 pages
Published in August 2014 by Nancy Paulsen Books
Source: Public Library

The first time I write my full name…

304 more words

The Ceremony

Standing on the periphery, I peer through the cloud of cigarette smoke that surrounds my head. I keep meaning to quit, but in addition to still enjoying it, it makes an excellent deterrent. 1,733 more words

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