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Words of Wisdom

Last week I posed a question on my Facebook page asking people what their favorite quotes were.  Wow!  What a great response!  While I knew of many of them there were quite a few that were brand spanking new to me and I love that! 701 more words


Weird Fears from My Mom

To call my mom an anxious person would be a grievous understatement. As soon as I burst forth from the womb she started warning me of all the dangers I might encounter in life. 479 more words

Memorable Quotes

Leon: The Professional (1994)

I harboured no particular high hopes when I sat down one recent Saturday evening with Leon: The Professional on my iPad. A recommendation was made to me in passing by a fellow netizen, however neither the film poster nor trailer was particularly engaging for one used to the Hollywood blockbusters typical of the 21st century. 578 more words

Best Films

"The Myth of Empty Space" by Dallas Willard

I was at my extended family’s house yesterday and saw Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy on a side table. It is a bookish home, and I’m a bookish person, so I’m often flipping over books and picking up where people leave off. 1,003 more words

C.S. Lewis

The ultimate validation whore

I hate that I’m on Facebook, but everybody looks for your Facebook, and it’s better to have one, and control what it says.

I glanced around there today, and found all this blather from Shakira. 324 more words


Finally broke up with friend girl

I got myself in friend girl’s friend zone by talking to her about everything but sex, and investing a whole lot of wishful thinking in her before I finally did do an awkward job of making my intentions known to her.   474 more words

Memorable Quotes

Memorable quotes

“My dick has good instincts, and my heart is full of crazy bullshit that just sabotages my dick.”

“Follow my dick and it will show me the way, but follow my heart and it will lead me astray.” 150 more words