I Signed Up Again For The Bolder Boulder 10K Race

Last year, my sister talked me into running the Bolder Boulder. The race is a Memorial Day 10K that ends at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field (and the last 1/4 mile is all uphill!). 327 more words

Sniping at Snipers

“Slitting throats of residents, looting and burning homes and abducting dozens of trapped women and children.” The Associated Press

This was in Nigeria, home of the Boka Haram meaning “against books” or against education. 837 more words

Rock Wishes Do Come True

Guys, guys, guys… guess what….


I’ve been nerding out over this since Tuesday afternoon when the full lineup was announced. Rocklahoma’s booking agency generally does a great job of arranging a mix of established acts, young up and coming bands, and legitimately legendary groups. 83 more words

Memorial Day....what is it?

Let me start by saying, I’m not at patriotic as I once was…being an Army wife for 9yrs showed me too much for me to just blindly support the troops, military, etc anymore.  48 more words


That's messed up

Everything seems messed up at times. Just when you’re feeling like a little snow and cold, the temperatures reach 60 degrees. Now that is fine for some people, but not so much for me. 643 more words


Oklahoma Countdown

Happy 2015, friends! The Gypsies have had a good holiday season and we’re gearing up for the upcoming World’s Loudest Month! We have made the pilgrimage to Rocklahoma every Memorial Day weekend since 2011, and in T minus 126 days, Rocklahoma 2015 will be here! 292 more words