Thank You for Freedom

It is Fleet Week and Memorial Day Weekend. Remember that it is not just a weekend to open the pool and fire up the grill. When I watch those young men and women, in town for Fleet Week (this year Pelham has the crew from USS New York, a ship forged from the steel from the World Trade Center), march by in the Pelham Memorial Day Parade each year, I get a little teary (and not much makes me cry!!) thinking about what they risk for us. 57 more words

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Movement x Wish

This Memorial Day weekend WISH teamed up with Paxahau to help put on the Movement Festival! Working with stage management and sister companies, WISH met a lot of amazing people from Detroit, and beyond. 37 more words


The explosion in the old Ravensdale Mine

Originally published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, circa 1955 (date unknown)

By Frank Lynch

J.A. (JIM) ANDERSEN is another of our friends at Northwestern Improvement Co. Let us merely say that his business is selling coal. 790 more words


The Wall brings reflection to student decades after Vietnam War

In October of 2014, a group of students from Bethesda Chevy-Chase (B-CC) High School made a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. During their visit, they learned about the impact of war, listened to veteran’s stories, and created poems surrounding their feelings about the memorial. 431 more words

Vietnam War

Alfred Perrott-White - Soldier of Fortune - My First Coach

Alfred Perrott-White, who was British and later became an American citizen, was my first target shooting coach. We called him PW. He was tough as nails, yet sweet as can be. 746 more words

The kindness of not thanking a veteran

I often take a lot of heat for refusing to go along with the “thank a veteran” sentiment, particularly on holidays such as Veterans Day, but it wasn’t always this way.   810 more words

What You're Getting Wrong About Veterans Day

There’s something you should know about Veterans Day: It’s not Memorial Day.

(And, logic follows—Memorial Day is not Veterans Day.)

I know what you’re thinking:  587 more words

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