The Miracle Whiskey

My first post about the feline fondly known as Whiskey Boo Boo is a traumatic one. As I mentioned in the “About” page, Whiskey often travels with us to the lake and beach. 575 more words


Bob's Obsession with Death

As you all know by now, our six-year old is quite the character. Recently he has been obsessed with death. He talks about it often, even to the point of talking about people getting old and dying. 281 more words

Weekend Wrap Up! (Memorial Day)

Happy Memorial Day!

An Extra day to relax but let’s not forget to say thanks to all those brave people fighting for us. We take this day to think and celebrate,from outings to BQQ there is somewhere to be on Monday and here are some ideas of how to do just that  and it’s common to see a lot of red, white and blue and here some ideas. 66 more words

Weekend Wrap-Up