Many of America's Best Cancer Hospitals Not Available Under Obamacare

A new report reveals that many of the nation’s best cancer hospitals are off-limits under the Affordable Care Act.


Breaking the silence - the compassionate Doctors

Interactions with Doctors, their staff, and hospitals became a routine in our lives.  I recalled one week between David’s illness and my pregnancy we visited 4 hospitals in one week for various tests/appointments. 570 more words


Why learn SQL? Here are 6 reasons to get started today

Databases are a critical part of today’s information-rich economy, meaning languages such as SQL could be a key part of a candidate’s resume when seeking a technical position; here are some compelling reasons to become familiar with SQL: 311 more words


Modern Medicine: How Fundamental Health Care Changes are Reshaping the Medical Real Estate Game

Several months ago, I unearthed a clock radio from an old box of belongings and set it up in my bathroom so I could rock out to some tunes as I showered before work.  1,268 more words

An athletic endeavor that saves lives

Started by a rising-star businesswoman as she vied to conquer her cancer, Cycle for Survival has grown to be her winning legacy, with support from celebrities like Seth Meyers and big sponsors such as Coca-Cola. 906 more words


New Trial Advances Cell-Based Immune Therapy for Certain Leukemias.

A new Memorial Sloan Kettering study evaluating a cell-based immune therapy to treat an aggressive form of leukemia reports that 88 percent of patients responded to the treatment. 949 more words


First Delivery!

Today, my cousin Luke, APDF (Assistant Pajama Distributor and Fundraiser), and I made PJ’s for Patients FIRST ever delivery to Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s Pediatrics Department!!! We look forward to working with Sloan again in the near future!

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