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Halloween Party Tonight


Our friends, Barry and Isabel, host a big Halloween costume party every year.  I believe this is the 20th annual party!



I’ll tell you all about our costumes tomorrow, but most people probably won’t have any idea what Lucie and I are supposed to be. 93 more words



It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.” -Elizabeth Taylor

The only guaranteed thing in our lives is that… 688 more words

Depth of darkness brings old memories


Can you live yourself,
till the end and not regret

Can you touch,
changing tears into drops of joy

Can you believe,
happiness of walking together… 28 more words



I sit in bed, in a comfy cotton Spring-time dress, legs crossed on the bed with a 17″ screen in front of me, watching 02 hours of a time travel movie that is as utterly romantic as it can get. 129 more words

Aerial Travel Memories Translated Into Comfortable Rugs: LANDCARPET By Florian Pucher

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There are a lot of creative ways one can bring traveling inside a home. Designer Florian Pucher took memories of his journeys and transferred them into the design of these comfortable rugs. 20 more words

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People Watching

I am an avid ‘people-watcher’.
This means that I regularly frequent coffee-shops to enjoy a big double Americano (Africano as we call the coffee here when it’s made from Kenyan or Ethiopian beans) while watching the strangers that walk by. 400 more words