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Proustian cassettes and former glory

Some people never liked the audio cassette, but I was (and still am) disproportionately fond of them. Wondering what was on an unlabelled one this morning, and assuming it belonged to OneMonkey (I am an obsessive labeller. 324 more words


Butter, sugar, milk, memory

It’s not surprising that so many of our memories involve food. It is a necessary part of life, something we (hopefully) come in contact daily. Food has fragrance, texture, taste, color. 403 more words


Month of Gratitude: Day 23

Decades come and go.
Memories hold, blooming bright.
Fresh scents linger still.


Merging cultures and diverse backgrounds

One Thanksgiving Day in 1967 my husband and I were invited to spend the holiday at the home of a Hispanic friend’s family. We were nineteen, newlyweds, and living in California while attending college and working, having moved there from the Midwest. 702 more words

My Writings

Bored and nothing to do

I have absolutely no clue what to write about. NO CLUE AT ALL. For the first time i have nothing to say and that is surprising because I have an opinion about everything. 585 more words


Echoes of My Father

I hear it more often these days. Usually, in some mannerism, turn of phrase, or comment my father seems to be speaking or acting through me (such as when… 259 more words