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Lost inner selfie in the Digital Selfies of today

That night I stumbled upon my old photo albums from school and I realized that time travel has just become a reality. With each card I glanced upon, an old story came out of it. 512 more words



When you try to match the pendulum swing for swing,
Your eyes transfixed
And the fire burns blue,
You know the safety flame is out. 60 more words

Solitude of a different kind

Years ago, a family friend lent me a copy of the novel in Polish translation. The cover was mostly black with some image in front I can’t recall. 220 more words


Fly ninja, quiet sun and a slightly cheesy moment where I felt proud of myself

Killed a few flies in quick succession at work. I was like a fly killing ninja.
The weather was gorgeous today. It was so lovely walking down to work in the sun and enjoying the quiet of early morning bank holiday. 37 more words

Maybe Our Tears are More Than Water

With every tear that fell from my face, with each drop streaming from my eyes down my cheeks, I realized, at that moment I was crying over everything… 488 more words

Creeping : Haiku

It creeps in the dark , a feeling

Rising inwards like jealousy lost

Whispers turning into rumours.


Nobody In, Nobody Out.


When I was growing up, there was a routine that took place almost every night around 7pm. It was like clockwork. Dad would confirm that my mom, sister and I weren’t expecting anybody over, and that we were all staying in for the rest of the night. 694 more words