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There are many kinds of worldly blessings: riches, fames, looks, brains, etc.

But the best of them all— people.

Really blessed and happy to have met such wonderful people in my life. 17 more words

Memories in Moments

So I recently heard about flash nonfiction, and its exactly like that time they made Hannah Montana and I was convinced someone had broken into my head. 138 more words


really tired lately

I’ve been really tired lately, and it reminded me of the first three months of the pregnancy. I was really freaking tired. I asked Husband if he remembered, but he said that he didn’t really. 62 more words


MMR vaccine

About 9 days after getting her MMR vaccine, she had a small reaction (which is common since the vaccine is a live attenuated virus). The vaccination site swelled up to a red lump, like a large mosquito bite, but it did not seem to bother her in the slightest. 107 more words

Baby Behavior

Drying Up

My grandmothers both hung their sheets on the clothes lines in the summer. Towels too. They said that the sun and the wind not only dried things better, but also kept the white more white and provided a freshness that couldn’t be found any other way. 417 more words

Carbon Foot Prints In Life

I found the  foot prints of my kids when they were born. There on the parchment paper proof of life, little feet that will someday walk away from childhood into adulthood like it or not. 295 more words