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Small Areas of Success in My Life

In the youth program at our church, every week we’re supposed to memorize and recite a memory verse. I have been in the program for two years prior, this year being my third. 259 more words


Teaching the skills: Memorize own name, birthday and age

I really don’t think this would be a problem for a toddler of age 3 to remember. By now they will have been asked questions such as “What is your name?” and “How old are you?” and “Who is this little snuggle buns?” a gazillion times, so they’re bound to pick up some of the details. 331 more words


Spare Tire Tragedy

We are all driving around town with a spare tire in our vehicles.
Some of us may not know exactly where it is located without getting out the trusty 12 inch thick car manual or taking an investigative look around in our car. 471 more words

Praying with Children is easy!

Have you wondered how to pray with your children? Need a few tips? See Grace’s suggestions from the Apostleship of Prayer:

Grace has a great blog with stories, tips and videos! 196 more words


Psalm 139:1-2

The verse for this week is:

I challenge you not to just memorize this verse this week, but to also study Psalm 139 and then comment below on what you learned.


The Living Christ Week Two

Welcome to the second week of memorizing The Living Christ. I hope last week went well and you feel confident to learn more.

Here are the worksheets:
The Living Christ Week 2

The Living Christ Worksheets