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Change isn’t always good

By Lisa Sugarman

So I had this amazing idea for a column that I truly believe could’ve been one of my best. It was the perfect blend of humor and wit and insight and inspiration. 1,090 more words

Lisa Sugarman

That moment when...

Often times I have been told I am on my phone too often. Well, I was forced to agree last night. I was doing something on my phone and could not decipher why the phone camera was acting up. 284 more words

Something borrowed…

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a day of work, errands, or the kiddo’s lacrosse game to find your PWA wearing something that belongs to you. 744 more words

Life With Aging Parents

'Memory' World Champion Mired in Performance Enhancing Drug Scandal

Kingait, Nunavut

Following months of investigation and a clandestine gathering of evidence, world champion Memory player Renee Dupuis has been stripped of his title following his admission the he has used Phenserine, a controversial and experimental drug used to help Alzheimer’s patients with spatial memory and retention. 446 more words


Into the MCI Maze: Starting From Today

My husband, whom I am calling Ralph at his request (see “About” above), has the Condition called Mild Cognitive Impairment. His MRI and spinal tap show that he has plaque build up consistent with the disease called Alzheimer’s, but as his doctor repeats, he does NOT yet have the DISEASE CALLED Alzheimer’s. 564 more words

Anger And Joy In Alzheimer's

A Hero Within

Grandpa was a strong man who always wore his heart on his sleeve. He worked hard every day and after 30 years of employment at General Motors, he was forced to retire. 967 more words


Hills and Hurdles

So the Easter holidays have been and gone. Back to work today. Funnily enough feels like I haven’t been away. At the start of the holidays having put together my cross trainer and been using it I was quite depressed at my level of fitness. 272 more words