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Day 61

Day 61 of the selfie challenge

So… I managed to catch the 24 hour stomach bug that is going around… It has been thrilling.

The sweetest boy tried to make me feel better this morning by bringing white bear and himself to the couch for some snuggles.


That one guy from the meeting who had a beard…

I have a confession to make. If I’ve only met you once or twice, I’m never ever going to remember your name. If I only see you once a month, I’m not going to remember your name. 377 more words


Fifty years ago, two came to look for America

On Saturday my mother-in-law, Lysle’s and Micah’s beloved Omi, told me that the photo to the right, the photo that watches over this blog and that shows my mother in front of the then-new Verrazano Bridge, was taken exactly 50 years ago. 280 more words


the gardener

Taro’s head jerks up when the door slides open. He has been dozing, his greying muzzle resting on his paws. He is lying in the scant shade offered by a pine tree; even though it is still early, it is already promising to be another hot and stifling day. 779 more words


Why you don't remember much that happened before you were seven years old

Small children do form memories, but they go through a phenomenon called “childhood amnesia” when they’re older. The reason is a complicated mix of biology, psychology, and culture. 356 more words


In Mourning: The Neighborhood Remembers One of its Own

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.
– Marcus Tullius Cicero

I’m sorry the Workes have to be on this journey. 564 more words

True Life/celebrity


Dear Krystina,

I wonder if we’d be friends, if you were still here. I wonder if you’d mean as much to me as you do now, that I only have you as a memory. 236 more words