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How to make a great first impression

The psychology of first impressions – digested

You’ll have had this experience – you meet a new person and within moments you feel good or bad vibes about them. 95 more words

Behavioral Economics

Day 65 - Whisk

Whisk me away
On the moose-loving breeze
As the sun sits low
Under the spruce trees
And the woodpecker
In the distance. 112 more words

It's Good to be Alive. The Stars in The Nighttime. The Green Light

- 9:38PM

All one need do is step outside in the nighttime, gaze upon the stars, and know “it’s good to be alive.”

It is good to be alive.  723 more words


A Bug Lands in Brooklyn. Trust and Loyalty are Paramount. Whirlwind. Life is Love. Love is Life. Death is the End of Life. Death is not the End of Love.

2014.May.03(Sat) – 2:41 pm – Brooklyn, New York

[A bug lands on my forearm].

Look at this bug on my forearm. My immediate instinct is to blow it away back into the void. 528 more words


Girl With Tattoos. Love Is Not. The Priest Wears Black. Death to the Self. Love is a weeping in the rain. Cigarette flickering. Relight.

– Brooklyn, New York

- 8:09 pm

Girl With Tattoos

I see a girl with tattoos and certain earrings, plugs, spacers, dressed in black, dark attire, makeup—and what do I see? 328 more words

Warrior Poet

The Universe is unfolding as it should [Study Abroad Profile Essay]

Barcelona…Venice…Rome.  The Sistine Chapel—what beauty man can create.  The sculpture “La Pietat,” so lifelike.  Would they but move, moan the agony…  St. Peter’s Basilica—a testament to the faith of a people, of Christianity, tribute to God and Christ.  1,762 more words


Back from school, 4.30pm

New school, last day of term. I haul its weight
home in a duffel bag, daydream clear its spikes
shortcutting through the grey park. The tinselled town… 69 more words