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Janet, A Success Story. August 27. #TSJ

Today was rather routine for Janet. Speech with Mary Lou this morning involved practicing reading and Janet said Mary Lou was pleased at how Janet had read The Hallo-Wiener to the Games Night group. 303 more words



The compost bucket is heavy in my arms. It is so full that the lid won’t stay on properly and through the gaps wafts a smell that means I can’t possibly ignore the fact that what I eat is something that was once alive: the smell of rotting, mould and decay. 686 more words



For today’s prompt, write a malfunction poem. Yes, I changed today’s originally planned prompt to fit today’s circumstances. Sometimes you just gotta have that kind of flexibility. 216 more words

Broken Remains

What is left to salvage
with broken remains of memory,
marred by insanity?
Why carry such madness
to fester
in already broken hearts?

This aching Is the only thing left… 69 more words


Tacky Nostalgia Post

I’ve been missing high school lately. You know, the days before I forgot what pain-free felt like.

That’s not a fair statement, though. Those four years brought their share of pain. 216 more words

Abandoned Mine

(from 1981)

Your smile stakes a claim

on my past.

I laugh and talk small

as if the tunnels

through our hearts

had never been connected, 16 more words