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Men's - Strictly Business. Julien David AW15

Strictly business – dark, mafioso coats, black sunglasses, James Bond’s white shirts and secret agent suit-cases. That is the killer wardrobe for winter by Julien David. 57 more words


Taking an online course on Climate Change on a whim - Requires me to actually read

I decided to try a couple of free Open University courses to challenge my brain, I do worry that I feed it too much junk and that it is deteriorating. 226 more words


Four Movies that Should/Could be TV Shows

This article first appeared at Audienceseverywhere - Go there for movie news, reviews, lists, and features.

Some movies are so full of ideas, or are set in worlds that beg to be explored more, that it seems unfair that they be contained in ninety minute chunks. 623 more words


The Hat Man's Mad Hatting

Last night, paranormal author Heidi Hollis appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast AM, hosted by George Knapp.

Hollis has written a number of books concerning shadow people and other supposed paranormal entities, but lately it seems her attention has been focused on the ‘Hat Man,’ a rumored supernatural being known for his hat and often times dark red eyes starting at people through windows.. 522 more words


Men in Black on "Monsters and Mysteries"

After a long hiatus, Monsters and Mysteries in America is back, with a fresh episode on Men in Black (S2/Ep 13).  Now these men in black have nothing to do with the popular Will Smith movies, but are depending on which account of them you follow either secret deep government operatives, aliens themselves, or supernatural demonic creatures.  486 more words


Is a '21 Jump Street'/'Men in Black' crossover really happening?

A 21 Jump Street and Men in Black crossover?

Sounds like an alternate universe — or at the very least, a coffee-addled 20-year-old’s weird fan fiction fantasy. 164 more words


High Court Denies Cancer Patient

NextNewsNetwork, Jan 2015

In Connecticut, the state Supreme Court rules against a young cancer patient. A 17-year-old girl doesn’t want to go through intense chemotherapy treatments. 120 more words