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Ep84 Blaze Thru It

Few stories in this episode of new breakthrough technologies going on.
What’s the top 3 movies of the weekend and if they are any good.. 125 more words


The Problem with Will Smith...

This is something which has been irking me lately & I feel I need to get it off my chest.

If there is one word I can use to describe Will Smith it would be this one: Narcissist… 409 more words

This gas may erase bad memories - CNET


Call me a nerd, but this is freaking cool! Really though, I have a few friends in the Military that have had to go over seas. 47 more words


7 More Things You NEVER Noticed In Famous Movies!

Our first edition of this topic was a huge hit, proving once again that Buzzfeed-esque articles are the best way to do business on the internet as long as you’re careful not to slip in the puddles of idiot drool that inevitably form.  268 more words


Tumult in ODM Kraal as democracy on trial

By Peter Opondo

Every living entity must, of necessity, grow and regenerate if it is to survive and prosper. Otherwise, it perishes. Sometimes, this regeneration occurs smoothly, almost without as much as a whimper. 656 more words

Why I Like Aliens

Last week for Monday Mayhem, I wrote Why I Like Zombies. I detailed how I enjoy watching a movie or reading a book where the undead are unrelenting with capturing their prey. 461 more words


A Trifecta of Awful Movies - Elysium, R.I.P.D., Gravity

This all happened over one weekend… actually, it was within a twenty-four hour period that I watched these movies – three movies that will forever be nothing more than a complete waste of my time and effort (such as it is!). 1,463 more words

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