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MiB madness

The men in black soap opera continues. The most recent intervention we have seen is by the anti-democrat member of the Democrat Party, Thaworn Senniam… 386 more words

With a major update: Suspicion

There have been a remarkable number of reports in various media in recent days of the miraculous police action that has netted one woman and four men alleged to have been “men in black” and claimed to have “confessed” to attacking military and other targets in April 2010. 1,494 more words

Emily's Slogger: Tribal Clash 2014

Every eye is on the stocky woman in lane seven as she flops into the pebbles with an indistinguishable thud.

Her bearded companion shouts, tugging on the back of her vest and urging her to stand as the pulsing crowd simultaneously cheers and winces at his efforts. 234 more words


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Five members of the so-called mysterious “Men in Black” who battled with troops at Kok Wua intersection near the Democracy Monument during the red-shirt protests in April 2010 resulting to the death of Romklao Phuvatham have been arrested by police. 161 more words


Robbie Edwards From ILM Needs our Help

We tend to focus on films more than the people who work so hard on them. Sure, we talk about directors and actors and writers and sometimes even cinematographers. 438 more words



I remember when I came in from the field there was a car in the driveway I didn’t recognize. It was a big car, more of a boat really, a beautiful black 1974 Buick sedan. 991 more words


Ep84 Blaze Thru It

Few stories in this episode of new breakthrough technologies going on.
What’s the top 3 movies of the weekend and if they are any good.. 125 more words