The True Evils of This World: Money, Media, & Men in Suits.

When we’ve fully engulfed ourself in the media world, is when we truly understand how evil it can be. While you don’t have to be a Media major to do so, studying media is a continuous reminder of its dark-side, that sicken us day by day, and haunts us at night. 506 more words


When Men Wore Hats

Hubs and I were sitting in Arby’s today, eating our Sunday lunch and talking about today’s church service. It’s our usual routine. Church, lunch, chat. A little people-watching always goes along with that, as we share communion of Arby’s sandwiches with our fellow man … and woman. 792 more words


A Barbershop Quartet: In the Seminary!

Good memories singing in a Barbershop Quartet in the seminary. Enjoy! Lyrics below.


There’s a place where we study our theology, seminary.

With the clerics and priests, with the fasts and the feasts, seminary. 66 more words


Men in suits are my drug. I’m addicted and I just can’t get enough.



Jackky Bhagnani in Troy D'Costa

Jackky Bhagani attended Vashu Bhagnani’s party with his co-star Neha Sharma.

He looked super smart in a Nehru collared navy blue suit by Troy D’Costa and paired the suit with black dress shoes. 13 more words


Abhay Deol Promotes Halla Bol

In another edition to ‘Men in Suits’ posts, Abhay Deol was spotted looking amazing in his grey suit promoting Halla Bol.

He paired his grey suit with a light blue dress shirt and brown dress shoes. 18 more words


Ayushmann Khurrana in Zara

You guys probably know by now that I am a big fan of men in suits. A man wearing a suit who knows how to pull some major dance moves is going right on top of that list with Hrithik Roshan. 40 more words