50 Shades of Gray.

Who’s the hottest out of these 3 men? I’ve been saying for years. Gray suits on men are the best!

The Exile: Episode 55

With arms slightly bent and fingers around the weapon’s grip, the guard held his firearm with unsteady hands.

“Freeze!” he warned, his jaw tightening.

Although I had no intention of engaging or hurting this man, he didn’t know that. 388 more words

The Exile

The Exile: Episode 54

As I waited in the elevator shaft for the two men to leave, I tried not to breathe, but my breath kept coming loud and fast. 452 more words

The Exile

Suit Up

Yum.. How can you possibly resist a good looking man in a good looking suit? A good suit is honestly the sexiest thing a man could wear, well to me, and possibly most women around the world. 110 more words