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Reason #353 Why The '80's Didn't Suck: Pop Goes The World

If I asked a dozen or so random people on the street to name a song that they feel was indicative of the 1980’s, I’ll bet you a pair of custom neon leg warmers that at least half would say The Safety Dance, by Canada’s own Men Without Hats. 160 more words

Men Without Hats

We can dance if we want to...

We can leave your friends behind *mumbles because I don’t know the rest of the lyrics*…That’s right. The Safety Dance is stuck in your head now. 603 more words

I Have Been Mostly Listening To #1

Again with the new categories? Well yes, I decided I should try and get a few regular features going and have a selection of content available rather than just a stream of reviews. 93 more words


Is it safe to dance? Yes, it's safe to dance.

We can go when we want to.
The night is young and so am I.
And we can dress real neat
From our hats to our feet; 510 more words

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