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Things I No Longer Do, Now That I'm Old

After I pulled my Achilles tendonĀ masturbating exercising last week, I had to face facts: I am old.

Not grandma-take-your-false-teeth-out-to give a guy a blow jay old, but… 1,150 more words


Now, Something a Little Different

Some days are so radically beautiful that they flip your mind around.

This morning feels different, almost as if I’ve stepped into a new dimension. The sunrise, the shape of the clouds, the smell of fresh air has affected me in an unprecedented, gobsmacking way. 293 more words

Rad Tunes

nine music videos that make you go "What the ... ?"

Ever since the seventies when videos started to get made to accompany rock and pop music, there have been some beautiful, transcendent uses of the medium, and there have been some attempts to be artistic, unique, or relevant that have left us either scratching our heads, questioning our sanity, or hiding behind the furniture in terror. 917 more words