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Men Without Hats celebrate the good things in life


From the sound of past pop ditties like “Safety Dance” and “Pop Goes the World”, you wouldn’t have expected Men Without Hats to eventually emerge as guitar-oriented hard-rockers. 794 more words


Heartless Songs - Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)

Hey all! If you’re like me then you’re totally sick and tired of songs that are about falling in love, being in love, and breaking up. 186 more words


When the Beats Strike: My Life in Music 1983

Some things are just too strange to forget. In my random hopping around YouTube looking for a clip to introduce my 1983 selections, I happened upon something that only the most intrepid among us should ever set their eyes on, lest our brains turn to mush. 265 more words

Domestic Violence

On Swim Caps and Swim Hats and Swimming in Adverse Conditions

I don’t get along well with swim caps. I wear one to keep the hair out of my face. But lately I’ve found that in the course of a long unbroken swim (4000-5000 yards, for example) my nice silicone swim cap slowly inches its way off my head like a person backing away from a growling dog. 454 more words


I can act like an imbecile

I always thought this was a lot later in life than 1983, but apparently not.

There’s no remix, but I seem to have got slightly confused over which Canadian rockers – if these can indeed be called rockers – I’m thinking of. 141 more words