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Pour Me A Drink And I’ll Tell You Some Lies… Victoria In Real Life

It’s funny .. but being single is a bit tiresome.

Not in the sense of the constant loneliness but the whole ordeal with meeting people and dating. 338 more words


rain #21: I don’t know you, but I do.

I know you. I don’t know you, but I do.
Your eyes – your hidden tragedies. I wonder
If what you haven’t said is true – 73 more words


The Power of the P***y

Note: Like anything in life, I know that my opinion on this subject doesn’t apply to each and every man, woman and situation.  However, it applies to a large enough group of individuals to make the following points valid…

884 more words

Why Don't You Come Over To My Table and I Can Feed You Some Of My.........

Dear Men of LA:

If a woman is having dinner with a man do not go up to her while they are eating and try to pick her up.   137 more words


Why didn't God stop them?

I was overwhelmed with the love of God. It came completely out of the blue, with no explanation, no rhyme nor reason, just the awareness and certainty of God’s love filling me on that summer evening back in 1981 as never before. 1,072 more words


Дивися на мене

Дивися на мене крізь стіни,
Крізь стелі, підлогу, екрани –
Так легше зневажити зміни,
Так важче помітити рани.

Бери мене близько до серця –
Тримайся від мене подалі.
Не кожен від щастя сміється,
А я не сміюся з печалі.

Вивчай як історію світу
Мої ренесанси та війни;
Я вмію лише володіти
Собою – і то непостійно.

Я можу лише виставляти
Ідеї у стислому змісті.
Дивися на мене з кімнати
В без мене порожньому місті.


anne carson & the lyric essay - "very narrow"

               Water is best. – Pindar

               Memory is of the past. – Aristotle 

               No, that’s not her. – My father

Surely the world is full of simple truths that can be obtained by asking clear questions and noting the answers. 995 more words