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Dating a Centaur

I believe my working with dogs has set the bar higher for me in terms of what I want in a man. I’m looking for a guy who just happens to  share traits of a dog. 198 more words


Decoded: the "Strong, Independent Woman"

“Men can’t handle a strong, independent woman like me!”

How many times have you heard that one from the perpetually single women out there? It’s bandied about quite a bit these days, especially when ladies over 40 are complaining about the dating scene and their collective inability to be successful in it. 800 more words


Repenting of "Biblical" Manhood

The following was written by Kyle Worley, from Village Church in Dallas, and was posted on CBMW‘s web.  I thought about editing, but realized there is nothing I could add, nor is there anything for me to delete.  756 more words

Men & Women

I Don't Get It. I Solved the Abortion Debate But No Guys Signed Up.

We’re coming up on the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that made abortion-on-demand legal in the America. I think we should all be celebrating because I have arrived at a solution that would solve this contentious debate. 2,100 more words


11 Reasons You Shouldn't Worry If Your Penis Is Big Enough

You’re noticing it way more than anyone else

Have you ever had a pimple or some imperfection that you were just SURE everyone would stare at? 559 more words


Its been so long since I’ve hugged someone romantically that sometimes I dream about the day I get to meet someone who will hug me and never let me go.   829 more words