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What motivates you?

In the study of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), there are two types of motivation: toward and away from.

When you’re working toward something, you generally have a better mindset; you’re thinking positively about the things you want. 108 more words


Suitable For Men & Women

The product looks like an old salon hairdryer, has a built-in headphone base which enables you to connect any music, audio, TV or entertainment device while your #hair is growing.

Ladies, Listen Up!

Howdy y’all, how y’all doin’? (Majorly disappointing Texan accent, for some reason)

I’m not from Texas, not that I wish I was, or wasn’t. I’m sure Texas is a lovely place – lots of sun-tanned beautiful people and good ol’ American whiskey! 196 more words

‘Girl’ friend vs ‘Guy’ friend/’Man’ friend/’Dude’(Select based on your age)

The other day I was watching this hilarious monologue by C.K. Lewis on SNL, and he said something, I think, which should be printed on t-shirts and worn. 2,979 more words

Myraid Expressions

10pm Sunday: Why Do We Marry The Wrong Person?

10pm EST Sunday April 27, 2014

It’s Internet Radio, Click this link to LISTEN LIVE 10pm Sunday  www.live365.com/stations/bealstreet

This is a great show for married couples… 108 more words

Noni Ayana

The Swede: Twenty-one

I spent the rest of the night trying not to stalk the tall stranger that looked like a matinee Idol of yesteryear but had quickly become my present obsession. 377 more words



Golfers hate distractions. When I golf, I want nothing more than to be in a zone, to be thinking about nothing else but hitting pure golf shots. 315 more words