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Religious Assurance that God Hates Sex (How Christianity & Early Feminism Messed Up Sex & Marriage)

In our day and age, where topics concerning sex are frequently talked about and seen everywhere, it is hard to believe that there was a time in which, under Catholic ideology in the 4th century, and then becoming doctrine & dogma in the Middle Ages, dictated that sex between married couples was ONLY to be for the purpose of procreation. 1,233 more words

A man’s worst fear is a woman scorned! I was once her.

A Man’s

Worst Fear

is a Woman


The idea of what ‘real love is’ is constructed by our past run-ins with “love-like” experiences. I use “love-like” because I believe that we often mistake those experiences with real love. 675 more words


Competing Images of African Men

This morning I was thinking about what it must feel like to a black African man living in a world that has a prepackaged identity for you. 952 more words


By Natalie Webb

Any woman can relate to an experience where her body was up for public comment or up for literal grabs by men. Street harassment is a common complaint, but this sort of thing is also an all too common occurrence in the workplace. 318 more words


The Sunday-night curse.

At around 8pm every Sunday night, it hits. 

The curse. 

Call it an acute awareness of loneliness, or a strong desire for human contact, but every Sunday night I need attention. 380 more words