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After a date with potential crashed into the men-are-idiots zone (I’m the worst, I’m sorry to all men reading, I don’t really think you’re all idiots, I just…ugh I’m saying it… I can’t), I’m left with a yet again stronger conviction that there is a man who I genuinely love, I love him, and I don’t even know how to ask him to have a conversation with me at Starucks… Cue “Alone” by heart. 48 more words

3 Things I'll Never Tell Him But I Wish He'd Knew About Love

10:08 AM
No breakfast

Oh you fuckin well know why I’m here now. Remember those times when I say there are days that are not good days, yeah, that’s today. 721 more words


Make Your Man Feel Special this Valentine's Day!

Now normally we all know that Valentine’s day is all about the ladies. She gets roses and chocolates and big cuddly teddy bears, jewelry, sometimes even a marriage proposal! 537 more words


Baby Blue Eyes

“Jemma. Please.”


I kept my eyes downcast, unwilling to meet his piercing blue gaze.


I would scream at him to stay, but words died in my throat. 72 more words


Section Two: Present Day

January 21 ‐ February 1

Fictional posts and art flow below this sticky header. There may be some not safe for work material, so please be over the age of consent in your country. 122 more words