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Just go with it...

So… first piece of advice from the wandering willow: If your gut instinct is telling you to do something, even though it will before hand cause you to run to the toilet and nearly be sick with anxiety and jump up and down screaming to your friends that you can’t do it… do it! 560 more words

Weekly Ponder? - What do Women do or behaviors exhibited when they want to have sex?

So My fellow ponders? Please chime in and share this dialogue via your choice social media outlets… but what do you think are ways women communicate that they want sex? 56 more words


The Rebound

It was about 2 weeks after I left my husband that I first heard about Tinder.
I was on holiday for my sister’s wedding and my 25 year old brother had the app on his phone. 1,466 more words


Women Play Games? Hell To the Yes!

My sisters may kill me for this one. But if I’m true to this love shit I shall feed the world both sides. That being said: women play games too! 953 more words

Handmade Tree of Life, Green Peridot Beaded Zinc Adjustable Cuff Bracelet for Women, Girls and Men

This handcrafted nature inspired tree bracelet is both eye-catching and inspirational. Tree leaves are woven by peridot beads. Zink trunnk; zinc cuff. Velvet pouch included for storage and nice gift presentation. 6 more words

On women, empathy and (sometimes) not giving a toss

Years ago I happened to read the mansplainer wankscience classic that is Simon Baron-Cohen’s The Essential Difference (cover quote: “Women will want to talk about it … men will sit silent and brood over its details”). 1,240 more words


A Tax ...!

A fine is a Tax for doing wrong !

A Tax is a fine for doing well !!


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