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Have Letters. Need Recipients.

I have a rather useless talent for writing letters (emails, now.) I pour my heart out to people when I write to them, no inhibitions, no what-ifs, no conditions attached. 779 more words


Morning Musings

Good Morning!!

I enjoy getting out into nature as much as I can and I’m pretty blessed to be living where I am.  Come with me on my morning walk to work. 

My Life

Missing A Certain Little Something

Over at Morning Sprinkles and Evening Gunfire, Allamagoosa has crafted a Response to “Teen Girls Define a Real Man.” Her post addresses one of those… 681 more words

Red Pill

Guarding Emotion

Went to see Guardians of the Galaxy today. It rocked!! I love Marvel. I love Stan Lee. All the characters kicked ass, but I love Chris Pratt (Star-Lord). 305 more words


On reflection...

I tweeted the other day saying how I wish my life was like a movie or a book. On reflection I don’t actually wish that, because I’m… 178 more words


It is by no mistake that we are here. Fate had nothing to do with our meeting. God predestined this encounter. I feel like you found me in the midst of me praying for a way out. 154 more words