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Garden Menageries... 1: Coombe Abbey

As gardeners and garden historians we are used to hearing about the discovery, trade and cultivation of non-native plants. We know that as western Europeans discovered, then traded with and finally conquered much of the rest of the world plant hunters were not far behind the explorers, the merchants,  the generals and admirals.   2,217 more words

The over empathizer

I often find that I empathize well with people. It may not show on the outside much, but inside, I most definitely feel the emotions of others. 343 more words


Brass Menagerie by DIY Decor Projects Blog

Brass Menagerie
July 8, 2014
3 weeks in the past I bought a showy tiny peacock for my expanding assortment of brass animals and right now a huge fish. 41 more words

Hungry Hungry Hippo Edition

Here’s a headline you don’t often see:

It seems that Pablo Escobar, formerly of Bogota, Columbia, collected an exotic menagerie that included 3 hippos. When he was arrested they apparently overlooked the hippos when relocating the animals (question – how does one overlook hippos?). 23 more words

Hapless Headlines

Checking out pretty girls in SOHO

Today I am looking for a 19 year old, pretty girl who trades on her sexuality while hiding a dark secret…

We are holding auditions for the Menagerie production of Jane Upton’s play Swimming and need an actor to play Lucy. 1,046 more words

In the Lion's Den

We are staying in Rue des Lions, Saint Paul. Curious about the street name, we looked it up and discovered there had once been a royal menagerie here. 258 more words