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Fan Girling & Train Tutting

My number one pet peeve has to be people who hog seats on trains and/or buses. I don’t mean the person who genuinely has a lot of luggage, because I’ve been that person – sometimes you just don’t want to leave your bag full of expensive items down at the other end of the train where anyone could walk off with it. 939 more words

Review – Assassins, Menier Chocolate Factory, 11th January 2015

The musical theatre is a very broad church. Only a few hours ago I was writing about how Anything Goes is a brilliant show but ever so lightweight. 1,766 more words

Chris Sparkle

Assassins at the Menier Chocolate Factory, London

This is going to be a relatively short review, given that I have now been weighted down by the usual start-of-semester-two-work-avalanche, but I just enjoyed it too much to leave it any longer! 997 more words


Assassins at the Menier Chocolate Factory

We had a great afternoon at the Menier Chocolate Factory. I’m not a massive fan of Sondheim but when I see one of his shows is on in London I know my Mum will want to go. 756 more words

Review - Assassins at Menier Chocolate Factory

BOOTH I did it do bring down the government of Abraham Lincoln and avenge the ravaged South… I did it so they’d suffer in the North the way we’d suffered in the South… 1,138 more words



This was always the most audacious of musicals. A show about nine men and women who tried to assasinate eight US presidents, four successfully, five not. 475 more words


London Theater Review: 'Assassins' at the Menier Chocolate Factory

Assassins assemble! Stephen Sondheim and John Wiedman’s ragtag band of marksmen gets a Marvel Comics makeover courtesy of Jamie Lloyd and his regular designer Soutra Gilmour. 525 more words