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I Kill a Conversation

I have to give myself a hand. Ruining a conversation is becoming my expertise.

With the high quality technology that I have implanted in my head, it sends me signals on when to interrupt when someone is talking. 703 more words


Gratitudes in the middle of a mess

It’s time to take a little time to notice some of the things I’m grateful for…before I completely meltdown (again)…I know this will help!

This move has been extremely challenging, mentally and physically.  764 more words

Chronic Illness

False Coping Skills and Elephants

Ever wake up just feeling completely whipped?

I feel like I’ve developed GREAT coping skills. After all, you either learn to cope or you’re “done”. 1,619 more words

Hearing Loss

Have you had Migraines too?

When I was in Middle School I had to drop out of my 7th year because I was plagued by daily Migraines. I was taken to every hospital and put on every drug and nothing ever helped. 121 more words

Ménière's Disease

Can't Hold Me Back

Alas! I am back again!

Good news is: I survived my last Spring semester without many spins!

It is now Summer semester and I’ve been having massive amounts of annoyance from the never ending squalls of rain here. 26 more words

Ménière's Disease

silent frequencies

Music once caressed my ear as softly as rose petals. Melodies seeded by harmonies blossomed into colorful aural bouquets. Then disease flooded the inner canal with its thick, bitter nectar. 23 more words


TONS of Demerits = Life Turning Point

I went to a Christian University right out of high school. I lived in a small rural farming community with no Christian colleges nearby so I thought that I may as well go to the one my parents attended … 5 states away. 1,581 more words

Hearing Loss