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Keep Fighting!

Never give up with Meniere’s or any disease because you have the best coach in your corner, God.

Meniere's Disease

Feeling Better....Part 3 - Mindfulness

When I mentioned writing Part 3 in this series I said it would be on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  I will touch on this subject, but I do not feel qualified to base my whole post on it.  2,199 more words

Chronic Illness

A summer's day

A post written a month ago – 25/7/14. I wrote it and decided to postpone posting it, since I was sure the situation would calm down within a couple of days, it didn’t… So I am posting it now, a whole month and so many different experiences later, so I can post the next posts I have been intending to post. 1,227 more words

Have Faith

God is always with us even in our toughest times. For me that is when Meniere’s & allergies act up. I just pause & pray for him to calm my heart & remember this will pass. 75 more words

Meniere's Disease

Watch Me

Want to get on my last nerve? Enjoy listening to me Sputter as I desperately try to spit out a response? Want to see this… 1,394 more words

Hearing Loss




It’s been four days already. Ninety six hours of relentless pain. Although that’s a word that unfortunately, I have become ridiculously familiar with throughout my life it is not one that takes a place of honor in my vocabulary. 1,667 more words

Meniere's Disease