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Surgery Doesn’t Help Mild Knee Osteoarthritis

Canadian researchers recently found that surgery didn’t help those with mild knee osteoarthritis.

805 participants with osteoarthritis and meniscal tears took part in this study, conducted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. 254 more words

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Interview About Meniscus Repair With Dr. Max Greig Orthopedic Surgeon in Puerto Vallerta Mexico

by Ana.S

Interview About Meniscus Repair With Dr. Max Greig

Orthopedic Surgeon in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico

Dr. Max Greig is a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Mexico, with an experience of more than 20 years. 333 more words


And then the rain came

After one of the driest Septembers on record, October has barely started before the rain has returned announcing the onset of more changeable weather more in keeping, perhaps, with the time of year. 59 more words



Here is a good chart demonstrating at what angles during a squat create shear forces of ligaments, shear forces of the joint, and have greatest muscle activity.  167 more words

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O'Brien: Nix "Probably" To Have Surgery For Issue Unrelated To Knee Injury

Houston Texans rookie nose tackle Louis Nix will likely undergo surgery for an issue unrelated to the knee injury that has hampered him since last season at Notre Dame, head coach Bill O’Brien said Wednesday. 607 more words


The Pain of a Meniscal Tear and Travelling

There are many things in life that can get you down. That can make you depressed. Things that put a strain on you emotionally and physically. 1,785 more words


It's not fun knee any more..

Yes I have often felt like I have been tearing myself to pieces now literally so. Having already torn the meniscus in my right knee I have now done it again in my left. 43 more words