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And we're off... again.

I had acupuncture this week and I LOVED it. Why has nobody told me about acupuncture before?

What do you mean you tried? What do you mean I am impossible to give advice to, extremely stubborn, skeptical and liable to take offence if I am offered encouragement in anyway? 683 more words


Injection Day 2

Injections went fine today. The Menopur stung a bit but it wasn’t excruciating, so that’s good.

I am having some weird things, though. I have a pain in my neck/shoulder that came out of nowhere. 157 more words

Got my calendar! Sort of...

I finally got a (partial) calendar for moving ahead with our IVF!  It’s good to get a little more of a sense of how and when things will be happening but I find myself becoming a little more anxious to get this started already!  384 more words


Injection Day 1

I started injections today – 250 ml of Follistim and 2 powders of Menopur. Besides the fact that I had to mess around with the Q-cap and syringe for the Menopur and watch a YouTube video to get it set up, everything went fine. 168 more words


I went to the doctor today for a check up, to turn in my paperwork for the hospital and to learn how to do HcG and Progesterone shots. 236 more words


And Away We Go!

Trigger shot was tonight!  It’s moving a little faster than I was expecting after yesterday’s appointment.  But it looks as though my retrieval will be Thursday now.   227 more words


Squinty Eyes, Another U/S and More Blood Work

My father-in-law put together this picture of my husband and me when we were both little.  At least there’s no question what our child will look like, it just would have been nice if someone had mentioned previous to our wedding that we were siblings. 178 more words