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IVF #3 Stim Day 8 - The 411

Today, my mom had her first follow up with one of her surgeons.  Her plastic surgeon took the drain out and said everything looks good !   283 more words


IVF Update: Batting 1,000

Today is Day 10 of stims and everything is looking great at this point! It’s every day monitoring from here out, and my doctor thinks we’ll trigger on Thursday or Friday (Day 12 or 13). 81 more words


IVF Update: Moving Right Along

I’m now on Day 9 of stims. I had monitoring appointments on Days 6 and 8. After my appointment on Day 4, they increased my Gonal f from 150iu to 200iu to get things moving. 118 more words



Here we are at cd10. I was sure that my RE would tell me to trigger tonight…but he had me do one more night of stims and I will most likely trigger tomorrow night and then ER on Monday!! 223 more words

4 little follies

So I had my next monitoring appointment today, and the follicle situation definitely didn’t get better.  Where I had 7 follies 2 days ago, I now have 6…and two aren’t growing much.  371 more words

damn estrogen

Went in for my ultrasound and blood work this morning. First of all, at my RE’s office it is a first come first serve along with the honor system.   482 more words

IVF Update: Headache

I started my stims last night and felt fine until mid-afternoon today, when I got pretty horrible headache that has lasted through the rest of the day. 116 more words