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Deja Vu

A few days ago I tried injecting myself with my very first shot of micro lupron, but I panicked. I pulled out the ice pack, numbed my thigh till it was bright red, swabbed, and counted to 3 a billion times hoping to just stab myself in the thigh and give myself this super tiny injection. 284 more words

Day Four, the roller coaster begins

Today is my fourth day of injections. Menopur and Follistim are my best friends that greet me at 7:30am, NOT! All though they’re there, I wish I did not have to go through this all over again. 722 more words

The Journey's Of Our Family

IVF #1 Ultrasound 4 & 5

My doses of Menpur, Gonal-F, and Ganirelix were the same on Tuesday.   I had to go back to the RE’s office on Wednesday.  It was a two hour drive so my husband and I made plans to eat lunch after my appointment. 507 more words