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Big News!!!


So…. as the title of the blog suggests I have some big news. I have officially started IVF :)

I have been backpacking around Ireland for the last 2 weeks and my body for once did what I wanted and made my cycle late which meant I had my first scan last Friday, the day I got back from Ireland. 302 more words

Trigger tonight, retrieval Monday!

We made it to trigger!  For a few days early on, it seemed like we might not, so this is a great step and a relief!  333 more words


E2 at 2,602!?! Trigger planned for tomorrow.

My E2 took a bit of a skyrocket today going up about 900 points from yesterday!!  It has been steadily increasing at about 300-400 per day, so this is a big leap!  590 more words


Day to Day IVF Cycle Breakdown.

I’m a very organized individual and like’s to understand what I might be facing when it comes to my IVF treatment; since I had no idea how really IVF works on a day-to-day bases. 345 more words


Another day, another Estradiol level! Looking forward to retrieval...

Estradiol levels continue to rise in a pretty linear fashion, we have our ultrasound tomorrow that will decide our fate in terms of when we trigger & do the retrieval. 460 more words


A Day in my IVF Life: Phase 2

I am now into the later days of the stimulation phase, and today marked my first Ganirelix experience.  I’m definitely thankful we have made it this far and am hopeful we’ll have smooth sailing to the retrieval. 776 more words



Gosh, stims are making me awful tired yo.

I had a sudden panic on Friday (who am I kidding, the entire weekend) that the clinic would a) force me to have an egg collection on Wednesday when I was scared it was too early and b) forget about my general anaesthetic. 843 more words