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And Away We Go!

Trigger shot was tonight!  It’s moving a little faster than I was expecting after yesterday’s appointment.  But it looks as though my retrieval will be Thursday now.   227 more words


Squinty Eyes, Another U/S and More Blood Work

My father-in-law put together this picture of my husband and me when we were both little.  At least there’s no question what our child will look like, it just would have been nice if someone had mentioned previous to our wedding that we were siblings. 178 more words


Menopur Madness

Yesterday I had my first U/S and blood work since starting the stims and it was pretty lack luster. My doctor didn’t really mention anything about my follicles or how they were looking. 316 more words


Baseline Ultrasound

So I’m just giving a little update here. I currently can’t look at a computer screen for too long. It makes my head hurt. I also can’t be in certain lighting, smell strong odors, have my contacts in, wear my glasses, hear loud noises or turn my head in any 45 degree angle. 360 more words


IVF Consult Appointment

We just returned from our appointment with Dr. Y for our first serious discussion about IVF, as in actually considering doing it.  First, I’ll say, it went better than I had expected.  1,074 more words


FET Audience

Since we have 4 frozen normal embryos, we are leaning towards attempting a frozen embryo transfer soon.  I don’t have much confidence that I can carry a baby to full-term, so I suspect the FET process is something I will not highlight online (at this blog, or on the various forums where I participate) at all.     105 more words


Just Another Manic Monday

So I was starting to get a little worried. Today was the forth day since I stopped my bc pills and no AF. Being the worry wart that I am, I took a test. 263 more words