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This is a compilation of questions that have been asked of me by many friends and family.

Warning: Names of specific organs that only women have will be used. 531 more words


Look out, Jackson town

Every time we get in the car and head to Jackson to see my FE, I get Jackson stuck in my head. Good thing I love some Johnny and June Cash. 1,313 more words


Phase II has officially begun! Stop, needle time!

(Yes, that’s an MC hammer reference- what can I say, I love the 80s!)  I did my first dose of stims last night (follistim & menopur + dexamethasone pills), so far it doesn’t look like any bruises!  265 more words


Birdy and the crow

Do you want to know what’s annoying me?

Okay, who am I trying to kid. Of course you do. You guys.

I’ve upped my protein intake during stims (again, because… 414 more words


First visit to our IVF facility + ordering more meds!

As I mentioned, we have Kaiser insurance, but they don’t do IVF at Kaiser (at least in our area), so we do it at a different clinic with our Kaiser Dr.  866 more words


The Weekend

Friday I went in to the doctors for a check up. They did a baseline ultra sound and blood work. Everything looked they way it needed to be. 492 more words

The Journey's Of Our Family

Time to get stabby, again

I haven’t blogged for a while again. Soz.

I am used to hearing people whine about birth control pills… How they make them CRAZY, how they make them tired, a mental bitch, thirsty, and blah, waa, blah. 229 more words