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Dazzling Apartments in Menorca

How glamorous do these apartments in Menorca look? I love the use of white when it’s brilliantly sunny  – doesn’t it look dazzling? Palm trees, blue skies…I’m almost convinced to honeymoon in Menorca from this photo alone! :)


Reseña literaria: Lluvia Roja - Cees Nooteboom

“En las islas, el mundo se divide en salado y dulce”

Gran amante de Menorca, Cees Nooteboom plasma la esencia y delicadeza de la misma en este libro retratando anécdotas de la vida cotidiana y de la naturaleza con chispas de nostalgia que surgieron durante sus estancias veraniegas.

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Writing And Reading

Poc a Poc

Aquel sentimiento de realmente entender aquella expresión a “poc a poc” siempre le recordaría a una idea romántica sobre el tiempo. A veces, el tiempo en aquel rincón del mundo, parecía se multiplicar o ralentizar. 343 more words


Immerse Yourself in Menorca's Architecture

The architecture in Menorca is simply beautiful. If we went there for our honeymoon I would love to roam the sunny island and explore everything it has to offer, drinking in the culture and history. 16 more words

Honeymoons To Menorca

Underwater Meditation

Submerged into a different reality, a reality where breathing isn’t possible a whole world is presented to us. Focusing in what is and is not, we discover true nature and wilderness. 71 more words


The Blue Sea


Heading from deep blue sea towards the land ahead, deepness becomes lit between rays. Sand and posidonia are seen down below, the sunshine reaches a far distance to the ground, the purity of the water converts a single colour into a magical dance of blues. 64 more words


A Jeep Safari in Menorca

L and I have been reading about jeep safari rides in Menorca. I know L is interested in the beaches but I would love to go out to experience the underrated rugged countryside. 31 more words