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The Lumbersexual has arrived!

“But it was not your fault, but mine”, yes Mumford & Sons I do believe it is. The metrosexual is on the back burner, and the beard toting, check shirt wearing, and pulled pork sandwich appreciator has arrived in the newest of male categories, the Lumbersexual. 563 more words

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Must read La Belle Couture Groom’s Dressing Guide: 10 Tips on how to look good even if you are the skinny/lanky type

We have received some emails from brides to be who are writing to ask for some pointers for dressing their grooms to be who are more lanky/skinny. 284 more words

Groom's Dressing Guide

BTS: Tretorn and Florence Broaddhurst

Kye, who is just as artsy and hipster (denying it will only prove my point) as I am, told me that I should write about my shoes. 417 more words

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Fashion: Tiffany Borchards

As mentioned in my previous post, this is the collection of Tiffany Borchards. Her concept was formed by the idea of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and scorched earth. 24 more words


More Fashion coming to Yazer's Thoughts

Hello babies I have some exciting news for all of the Men’s Fashion lovers , I am coming back with great fashion . I have always been a fashion lover and I really can’t get enough of it babes, I love wearing clothing and making my own looks . 67 more words

The Struggle Is Very Real

Unfortunately things have still not gotten any better.

So let me give you a quick synopsis of my life.

14-18 High School….woohoo….

18 moved out  to pursue my college education (woohooo drinks!!!) 1,334 more words