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Everybody Needs a New Spring Hat

The men and boys of Oxford House, northern Manitoba.
1926 Photo by Jack Kell.

End of April was the time when the Swampy Cree of  399 more words

nyc EASTER PARADE 2014 • Men and their wild HATS

The EASTER PARADE was a delight to see……..and be a part of.  The men this year went all out in creating their hats.  Clever…………campy………and more than a few” out of the box”.

New York City Adventures

Content is king: creating a following

People like looking at stuff. The point of social media is really for people to share stuff and what better way to convey more information than by a photo. 209 more words

Eiffel Tower Ornaments!

The lovely Lisa Brunetta has made us three dimensional Eiffel tower ornaments. They are available in sets of three and created from multiple lovely papers! These are to replace the metal ones I buy when in Paris until I can make another trip! 22 more words

Le Petit Chapeau

Cap drop this week

It seemingly takes a while to do anything even with all this technology it has been months. But the moment has finally arrived. The Fischer family have been in the hat business since the 1920′s so what a great honour to hold my name on the business and now to see it now stamped on the front of a new range of 5 panel caps. 106 more words

Hats for the quietly sophisticated

Well I had said I would use the start of the new year as a time to live by new resolutions such as writing regularly in this blog. 239 more words