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Emma Watson delivers powerful UN speech inviting men to join feminism

Her voice quavering but true, actress Emma Watson delivered an impassioned speech about feminism to the United Nations this past weekend. She did so, not in her beloved role as Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger, but as the recently appointed Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. 231 more words


On Male Suicide

Yesterday, on 21 September 2014, I had attended an “out of the darkness walk” in Fargo, North Dakota. It is, essentially, designed to let people know that we should be aware of suicides and is about awareness and prevention of suicides. 405 more words

Men's Rights

article on mintpress news: "Woman as Agressor: the unspoken truth of domestic violence" by Edward rhymes

This article was enlightening. The author kept a great balance between agreeing that more women are victims of domestic violence, but if we want to truly end the debate of domestic abuse, we have to admit that they can also at times be the perpetrators. 241 more words

Men And Divorce.. Who gets the short end?

This is just me ranting away.

I have a male friend who is getting a divorce from a wife who has decided she wants to be single. 149 more words


An Open Letter to Emma Watson

Dear Ms Watson,

I read with interest your formal invitation for men to join the effort for gender equality. I agree that we need full gender equality, and that this is important to men because, as… 889 more words


You all need to watch this music video that deftly rebuts Christina Hoff Sommers on vidya games #GamerGate #PanderingToDickheads

Christina Hoff Sommers is an old school faux-feminist who’s devoted the last several decades to trashing feminism. Lately she’s apparently decided to appeal to a younger audience — or at least a more immature one — by pandering to the #GamerGate crowd. 119 more words


Insane Feminist to Reduce Male Population to 1- 10%

The Feminist Global Initiative.

1:30 Pacification and submission…and they are already underway in the Western World.

1:50 They won’t be hindered by MRA and mainstream feminists. 2,554 more words