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Men Tend To Be Alone

I was thinking about things and I know that men, generally, prefer to be alone. Now, by “alone” I do not mean that men are “lonely”. 375 more words

Men's Rights

Insurers struggle to justify the sex discrimination of legally mandated “transgender care” while surgical providers continue to decline

Less than 50 physicians worldwide are willing to provide transgender surgical “sex reassignment” or “sex change” procedures, and as the few existing practitioners retire, no one is replacing them… 453 more words


Positive vs Reactionary Movements: The Case of AOM

Over the next few days,  we’re gonna talk about Gamergate, feminism, the modern men’s movement, politics, positivity, negativity and more.  In short, strap yourself in: it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.  814 more words


An Open Letter To JohnTheOther

First and most importantly, I have had a stroke approximately three years ago. As a result of that, I have suffered some brain damage.

So: 238 more words

Men's Rights

Concerning Voting And Selective Service

I know that in the United States that the female vote had occurred in 1920, just after World War One had ended. An we have been told that men had always had the vote. 469 more words

Men's Rights

Holding open doors

A man I met said this:

“I don’t understand why feminists won’t allow me to hold open doors. For me it’s about respect. I like to open doors and when I take a woman out, I like to pay” 656 more words


Men's Rights Activists: PR Geniuses, Part XXVI

So Cosmo ran a piece by Jill Filipovic on A Voice for Men’s phony WhiteRibbon site, and, as surely as winter follows fall, the AVFM comments brigade showed up to offer their unique brand of wisdom. 107 more words