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Feminist Hubris

In her own eyes she is just
so fine
nor does she seem able to
understand why
my heart avoids her like the
plague she… 38 more words


On Feminism, and its portrayal in the mainstream media

Too many times have I seen wilful misinterpretations by otherwise rational, intelligent people, of what feminism does, or what it represents. Many such instances can be found on the internet, one such example being this comment: “SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) believe in this conspiracy in which all white people […] are organized and conspire to oppress everything that isn’t white men. 1,641 more words


What are we teaching our kids?

I have had this post in my head for a while now. I have been getting really uncomfortable with the messages we are sending our children. 566 more words


Personal Responsibility

Spider-Man was wrong.

Well, his uncle was, anyway. The maxim “With great power comes great responsibility” isn’t exactly correct. Rather, the reverse is accurate: With personal responsibility comes greatness and personal power. 3,792 more words

Men's Rights

Male Feminist Zombies

They walk about with their heads
stuck up their ass
unwilling to think their own thoughts
insecure and unmanly
willingly they bind themselves to the… 46 more words


the red pill, Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, and the nature of film art

not cinematically content with only Atlas Shrugged: Part Two and that one pedo documentary on Netflix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Are_All_Men_Pedophiles%3F) to while away the lonely nights, Red Pillers have found a new voice in film through Stanley Kubrick and one of his last unfinished films, … 3,800 more words

Prisoners Of Women’s Dreams

For over a hundred years now
feminists have whined and complained
till the consciousness of the average woman was raised
powerless and enslaved she herself came to see… 111 more words