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The End Game Of The Matriarchy

The Patriarchy is dead. God save the Patriarchy!

In the archives are CH posts about feminist utopias, how they would manifest and the signs that America is… 529 more words

Ugly Truths

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Manservants, just one more sign of the total collapse of civilization. But women don't need men anymore. They have Uncle Sam to take care of their financial needs and a hundred horny males lined up to sniff their privates. On command only, of course.

In This Day and Time

Once upon a time it took
the love of
a good woman worthy
of her name
to cause a man to risk
it all in… 61 more words

Men's Rights

The Point of No Return

She wanted to
control the poet’s life
his each and
every waking moment
the time he
spent with his friends
the books he
loved to buy and read… 71 more words

Men's Rights

Chasing Rainbows


Thanks to the power ball lottery
my heart was
able to pay off my boring wife
send her packing
tell her don’t let the front door… 288 more words

Men's Rights

So what do we make of ManServants, the "Uber of hot dudes?"

So ManServants.

In case you’re not tapped into the tech Twitter outrage cycle, ManServants is a new service that will deliver a handsome man to do your every bidding — well, as long as it’s “PG-rated” the site’s cofounder… 389 more words


Hell No!

My heart is not your playground
a toy to be
trifled with – hurt or abused nor
am I your
knight in shining armor sent to… 39 more words

Men's Rights