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Why We Don't Try To Reason With Feminists

Why We Don’t Try To Reason With Feminists

John Hembling (JtO)

4 June 2011

 I had seen the below following posting only a few days ago,  1,210 more words

Men's Rights

Feminism’s Problem with Words

Since this is a post about feminism, I think it would be fitting to have a trigger warning before we get into the meat of the post. 2,387 more words


I am Robin Williams

Hi, I’m Redd and I have bipolar disorder.

Everything about Williams could be me.  He’s millions of men and women in the US and Canada.  In a broken system that stigmatizes mental illness and ignores men often the only way out for us is death. 773 more words


Testosterone: It Does NOT Cause Aggressive Behavior

In general, I think that feminists refer to “testosterone poisoning” as they say that testosterone causes aggression and violence in men. It seems to me that it is just another bit of misandry that feminists tend to vomit on occasion. 477 more words

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Today’s Feminists

Their rage is boundless
like a faggot
it blazes out of control
nor do they
care if their actions hurt
their very own
sons – fathers – brothers… 28 more words

Men's Rights

What is a MGTOW? My Thoughts

I honestly have no clue what a MGTOW is, it has a ton of definitions that wildly fluctuate depending on who you ask. For example: 568 more words

Giving A Woman A "Shit Test"

Now, in general, women give men “shit tests” all the time. Now, a Shit Test is something that women, and girls, do to see whether you are “man enough” for them. 432 more words

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