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Do Not Enter

The lock upon
my heart is most secure
no feminist shall
be allowed to enter within
my inner sanctum
those who dare to attempt
to force or seduce… 33 more words

Men's Rights

The Future of Feminism

With the corpse
of feminism lying in the streets
men are free
at last of feminine domination
at long last
females have been confined
to their place… 35 more words

Men's Rights

Circumspection on Circumcision

I apologise for the image, but I’m trying to make a point and so I’m taking a page out of the playbook of anti-abortion activists. The difference is, however, that I’m not lying or misrepresenting by using this image. 407 more words


Intellectual Rapists

With outrageous lies they
rape the
innocent minds of young females
turn them
against the men in their lives
convince them
they’ve been intentionally victimized… 59 more words

Men's Rights

A letter to my son never born

Originally posted on A Voice for Men: and is republished here in its entirety with permission from the author
January 21, 2013 By  Dr. F (Ian Williams) 922 more words

Men's Rights