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signs of domestic abuse

Today’s post is a little different: Signs of Domestic Abuse.

I found this great table on the helpline.org website.

What are the signs of domestic violence? 146 more words

Domestic Violence

Men's Rights in Modern Society

by Ellis Riker Halford

We live in a world full of prejudices and inequality, where racist and sexist parties like Britain First can exist and where people will back these parties. 1,586 more words

Culture War

Is Feminism A Hate Group?

From my perspective, and in my experience, feminism, by that I mean gender-feminism, is, indeed, a hate group. Now, the gender-feminists will insist that it did not start as a hate group, however, in some of my posts, we can see that gender-feminism is, and has always been, a hate group, for the most part. 672 more words

Men's Rights

Poll on Domestic violence on men

Please take a few seconds of your day to answer this poll. One question, one answer. I will write an article based on the answers, so the more participants, the more accurate the post! 15 more words

Domestic Violence

Women Forced Into The Draft. I Have A Better Idea.

One of the issues that seems to be a sticking point between MRAs ( Mens Rights Activists) and Feminists is the idea that women should be required to register for Selective Service. 468 more words

Men's Rights

Men's Rights Activists: Most gullible people in the world, or most gullible people in the universe?

So I was idly perusing Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield’s Twitter yesterday, and I came across an alarming tweet. It seemed as though Bloomfield had somehow penetrated the 47 levels of security protecting the Feminist HIgh Council to discover incontrovertible evidence of Operation Wicked Succubus. 688 more words