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Paternity Fraud In The USA

Some of may be aware that according to America Association Of Blood Banks, the people that oversee blood supplies in the medical industry, that approximately one third of children in the United States are not the biological father of a given child. 900 more words

Men's Rights

REPOST: Men are victims too: domestic violence against men is rarely recognized

Women are fragile and are often the victims of domestic violence but there are men too who are subjected to this kind of violence. Read this article from… 902 more words

The All Men versus Not All Men Conundrum

In the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany a woman’s (and, presumably a man’s!) indoctrination into a feminist awakening, the question of “are all men bad” is a key moment. 1,178 more words


A Rant On Rolling Stone, The Center For Public Integrity, NPR, And The UVA Non-Rape.

I am getting sick and tired concerning the UVA non-rape. After looking at the issue a little more deeply, while the Rolling Stone had published the article about that alleged rape in Virginia, the origin of the rolling Stones article was the fault of NPR. 532 more words

Men's Rights

Do I fear as a man?

The internet is replete with stories of the fears being associated with “Being a woman” in a patriarchal society. And as the society is considered patriarchal, should it be assumed that a man need not fear? 654 more words

Men's Rights

What Does Ruby Hamad Have Against Muslim Men?

Ruby Hamad, in her article Confronting Our Anti Islam Backlash Asserts that there is a backlash against Islam as a result of the Martin Place siege. 265 more words

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