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The Judicial System Is Unfair, Especially to Men

I followed up on a story I read a while back about a woman who held two men hostage and demanded sex from them.  It turns out the woman will not be receiving any jail time. 1,744 more words

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Wait... Men Have Rights, Too?

The feminist movement has been an ongoing war against the patriarchal society. In the past, those who supported the movement for equality between men and women advocated for things like women’s suffrage and today, they fight for things like women’s reproductive rights, maternity leave, and equal pay. 203 more words


Woman rapes and stabs a man six times then claims to be the victim

Luminita Perijoc raped a man at knife point then stabbed him when he failed to perform a third time. She went on to claim she was the victim of him attacking her, thankfully the court rejected this claim. 151 more words



       On the subject of privilege, I’ve been watching a lot of videos, I’ve read a few articles, and i looked through a few blogs (and read tons of comments). 204 more words

Patriarchy Hurts Men Too!

Patriarchy, defined as: a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. Defined by feminists as benefiting men at the detriment of women. 236 more words