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No, a convicted rapist should not be allowed to resume his former job

On Friday, Ched Evans – a convicted rapist — will be released from prison after serving half his prison sentence. In 2011, he raped a 19-year-old woman at a hotel in Rhyl, Denbighshire. 907 more words


Men Are Exceptional

Men and women vary in many ways. The debate has raged for a long time about whether this is more likely to be a result of nature or nurture. 2,401 more words

Men's Rights

Traditional Families Best Environment for Children

A recently published CDC study finds that children who are raised in traditional, two-parent biological families are overwhelmingly safer than one parent households.
The study found that 70% of children living in the traditional nuclear family setting experienced no “adverse childhood events.” Adverse childhood events were traumas defined as divorce/separation of parents, death of parents, incarceration of parents, substance abuse in the home, domestic violence in the home, neighborhood violence, and poverty. 214 more words


Men in Crisis

I am a feminist.

I used to be the crazy archetypal feminist that we commonly associate feminism with.

I am not a raging lesbian. I don’t shave my legs (they are hairy and keep me warm). 193 more words

Let Us Talk About "Man Caves"

I have a, so called, “Man Cave”. In my particular case, it is my entire apartment. Of course I am happily divorced and have not been influenced by a woman as of November 2013. 598 more words

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Anita Talk Massacre Threat

Just a few days ago, someone sent in a massacre threat to an Anita Sarkeesian talk at Utah State University. I personally want to punch the person who wrote in this threat in the face. 223 more words

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Show Me These Women-Hating MRM Sites

I am told that there are websites by MRA’s talking about how they can no longer get away with treating women like shit. I don’t believe men ever were able to treat women like shit, but that is beside the point. 241 more words