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The growing panic against MGTOW

Ever since the acronym MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) began to circulate online, there have been those who have sought to deride it. This is perhaps true of most communities attached to a label, but with MGTOW it seems, the reception has been distinctly polarising right from the outset. 1,142 more words


Feminism's inevitable death spiral explained in simple infographic

Well, fellow members of the feminist sector, it’s been fun. But we’re all doomed, as this helpful infographic, prepared by Men’s Rights Edmonton, makes clear: 198 more words


Pushing Pedastals

Feminism has successfully shown the western world that women are equally as capable as men…. At least,  the positive traits of men.

What feminists have actively fought against are any efforts to show that women are just as capable as men in negative ways as well. 324 more words

Would You Save A Drowning Child?

I hope that you agree with the statement that men have, essentially, been automatically criminalized. Additionally, I would like to posit that that statement is very false. 512 more words

Men's Rights

Thoughts on Justice for Men and Boys, the anti-feminist political party

Some ramblings on men’s rights

It’s a tough old world if you’re a man – lazy women who naturally put less effort into their careers are stealing all your jobs, they’re over represented in government, have infiltrated the criminal justice system, and to top it all off, every time I click my fingers (click, click), an innocent man’s life is ruined by another false rape claim. 501 more words

On Life

Menism and Its Discontents

So, menism is a thing. It began as a Twitter joke but has evolved. Or devolved, depending on your biases.

I previously wrote that my problem with feminism is that it looks at only half the gender picture while presenting itself as the full picture. 155 more words