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Former Fertile-Beltrami High Teacher's Aide Puts Life Back Together Following Acquittal Of Sex Charges

Now, in my opinion, I do not know if the women is really guilty. However, men have been demonized for ever and a day, and if a man had been in that same position with a female student, he would have been crucified in about three days, and gone to prison FOR EVER. 1,186 more words

Men's Rights

Men's rights, Peter Lloyd and the culture of sexism

One of the defining feature of the bogus ‘men’s rights movement’ – a movement┬áto bring down women, rather than do any work to help actual men – is┬átheir use of half truths. 1,077 more words


I'm Not a Feminist

I recently (not very recently anymore) watched the above video ‘I’m a feminist’ by Jack Howard, partly because it was Jack Howard, and partly because I take particular interest in feminism and those who identify with it. 2,362 more words

As A Citizen

Gone Girl: An alternate feminism?

Before I start my discussion, I would like to make clear that I have only watched the film, and have never read the book. Thus, all of my analysis is based on the film. 517 more words

What does feminism want?

Last night I came across this article about craft beers and women.

There were several, subtle things I might take exception with, but what most stood out was this quote from a female who was discussing being a woman interested in craft beers: 1,475 more words

Rape And "Rape Culture"

When I refer “rape culture”, I am only discussing from the United States perspective, since in other countries there are legitimate rape cultures.

Rape culture is a concept that examines a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality {https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_culture}. 248 more words

Men's Rights

What makes a man? As male icons fall from grace, regular guys struggle to identify 'right' kind of masculinity

On a recent afternoon, a stream of men filtered into a massive basement venue for The Gentlemen’s Expo: a “celebration of all things that encompass a true gentleman.” 1,375 more words