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Potty Training, Part 2: Revolutionary ImproVerse Prose

Before taking your small daughter into the men’s room,
teach her what urinals are and
not to play in them.
based on a true experience seen today at a local restaurant


Is This The Mens Room?

A most excellent bathroom sign. Obviously, that’s the mens room.

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As a journalist, it’s good to be approachable. After all, we talk to people for a living, and all that face-to-face time creates for us a modicum¬†of pesudo-celebrity that we learn to live with. 517 more words

Day In The Life

So I work in this retro 1970s building, and back when it was built, it was all about being convenient and modern, so instead of one large shit-a-torium per floor, there are zillions of tiny little restrooms scattered everywhere.  335 more words

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