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The Glory of Menstrual Blood

A few days back, I had put up a status update in FB like:

Two ladies actually mothers, were discussing about the color of their menstrual blood.

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The Beginning

that's feminist poetry

I have a deep and unending love for women who face the world with the reality of their bodies.

I wrote a line in Reasons Why You Should Poet that went: 185 more words

Those Videos I Like

White Moon Cycle

I’m lucky enough at present to be in sync with the Moons cycle.

The Maiden, which is the New fresh Moon, represents the Menarche, my Moon time is either just ending as the New Moon approaches or just starting, which means I’m in the White Moon Cycle. 65 more words

Moon Goddess

Projects seemed to have started to wane. And thankfully emotions as well.
The week leading up to the Full Moon, was awful, nearly broke up with bf, which lead me to think Hmm I wonder if we argue more when the Moon is in a certain zodiac sign, so backtracking my Diary and Moon phase charts, there was no real clear patter there. 67 more words

Stem Cells in Menstrual Fluid

Stem cells are a type of biological cell that have the potential to become any cell in the body, therefore they can be used to repair damaged tissue. 288 more words



I like the idea I read recently on wearing a certain stone, or clothing for when your are on your Moon blood.

Not sure where I was reading it now, but it suggested Carnelian as one of the stones to wear, which I have recently brought a nice big chunk of, I also found out and I quote: 107 more words

What is Menstrual Fluid made up of?

About half of menstrual fluid is blood (the rest is cervical mucus, vaginal secretions and endometrial tissue). The blood contains sodium, calcium, phosphate, iron, and chloride. 249 more words

Menstruation In Art