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Dr Rosita Arvigo talks about benefits of vaginal steams

In case anyone missed this great webinar, The Birth Institute have kindly made this recording available. Listen to Dr Rosita Arvigo discussing the benefits of Vaginal Steaming, a traditional healing modality from the Maya tradition that can address a whole range of menstrual health issues and improve pelvic health especially in relation to preparing for conception. 68 more words


Healing the psoas wholistically

There are many authoritative books and articles claiming that the psoas is possibly the most important muscle in the body.  Interestingly every time I do a kinesiology muscle test using the psoas, on anyone, it shows either under facilitation or over facilitation (which is a possible weakness or/and tightness).   955 more words


Vaginal Steams & Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Bajos, Vaginal or Yoni steams are a complementary healing modailty that Arvigo Practitioners have in their toolkit to aid in the cleansing and healing of the uterus. 166 more words


Hey, you know what would make this horrible flare even better?

Line One: And my body said: Hey, you know what would make this horrible flare even better?

Line Two: Start your period!


Can Menstrual Heat Pads Provide Pain Relief?

Have you experienced menstrual pain that interfered with your life? If so, then you are like many other women. Most work and school absences of women under 30 are due to menstrual pain. 489 more words

Pain Relief

Home Remedies for Period Problems

Its simply not done for girls and women to suffer in silence for the problems they go through during their monthly cycles. There are some very helpful and simple tips to undo the tension and ease the pain during that time of the month. 185 more words

Health DIY

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