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Changing My Life, One Day At A Time, With Kangen Alkalized Water

It’s been nearly thirteen months since I first started my Kangen alkalized drinking regimen.
I didn’t actually start my Kangen water regimen believing anything spectacular was going to happen to me. 932 more words


MARILYN ANONA writes: Women, Do not neglect your health which is very important... Don't spend all your time at the boutique!

There are so many things we neglect especially things concerning our health. We neglect them and regard them as normal probably because we feel no pain when those things happen to us or we just choose to ignore and adapt to them. 582 more words

Physical Diaries Pt. 1 - Endometriosis & Surgery

*Just a heads up, I’m going to go into a bit of detail about the reproductive system here in relation to health issues and what’s wrong with my body. 1,950 more words

Menstrual pain.

Menstrual pain already sucks. But with fibromyalgia, it’s unbearable. I already had my cycle, but it seems that it’s happening again … With a vengeance. … 38 more words

Ginger is a KEY ingredient in Your Health

Ginger has been revered for over two millennia for its unique combination of culinary and therapeutic properties.

My cabinet always has to have ginger in it because it works miracles on my… 488 more words


Sacred Symbol to Release Guilt

Guilt makes us stuck to our karmic patterns like glue. Only by letting go of guilt and forgiving ourselves can we really see miraculous changes in our lives. 243 more words