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The Game of Thrones Rape Controversy: Why I am angry about it, and why you should be, too.

There has been a lost of internet discussion (mainly outrage) about last week’s episode of Game of Thrones. I’m going to be talking about what happens in that episode, so if you haven’t seen it and want to be surprised, I suggest you don’t read the rest of this post. 786 more words

Period People

I wonder if there
are miners
in my vagina,

miniature women with beards
and pickaxes
mining menstrual fluid.

Do they cling to the tampons I use? 34 more words


Three Reasons Why PMS Is Not A Myth

Let me begin this post by reiterating to anyone who cares that PMS is not a myth.

I am a peaceful person by nature, and I don’t particularly like violence in  414 more words

The Secret Of Life

Bartonella Progress Notes

Since I’ve returned from visiting my sister’s family during the middle of March, I’ve been focused on getting rid of Bartonella. I’ve been vacillating between feeling like I’ll never get to the end of coiling and realizing that I might actually beat the Bartonella infection in the next few months. 1,957 more words


If I had a son, I would teach him evolution.

I bled through
the crotch of my pants

and the Wonder Woman underwear
I bought two and a half years ago
on sale at Target… 54 more words


blood moon flower

it should be enough breeze
from across the moon lit lake
to cool wetness of her heating
as barefoot…flushed…blushed
from hot sheet tumbling
she waded thigh deep on rounded… 76 more words



Some Franq Girl readers are just starting their journey into woman hood, some have been part of the women’s club for a few years already, wherever you are on the scale it matters not, getting your period is a huge milestone and one that happens when YOUR body is ready. 1,607 more words

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