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Moon Woman

She asked me if I cycled with the moon, and I thought Soon. Julianne Victoria and I were talking over FaceTime as she interpreted my Vedic birth chart which was filled with this source of divine feminine energy. 540 more words


Natural Fertility - Avoiding or Acheiving pregnancy

There is a movement I have recently noticed in my social circles of going off the contraceptive pill. There is concern about difficulty conceiving when the time arrives, moodiness, reduced sex drive and mental health issues among other things, so when a friend offered to lend me Francesca Naish’s book on Natural Fertility I decided to investigate. 683 more words


New sanitary panties for crossdressing men come complete with sanitary pads!

Tama Toys, the makers of the “my first makeup set” for otokonoko, have been steadily expanding their lineup targeted at men who have a thing for dressing up as girls, and they just made a new breakthrough with their new latest product, … 333 more words


My best period ever! Or, why I switched to reusable menstrual pads

I have never truly disliked my period.  Well, not since about 8th grade, anyway.  By then most girls had begun to menstruate, and I stopped feeling pressure to hide the fact that I did. 844 more words

Why Heat Can Help Ease Menstrual Pains

I have countless patients that come to me to help them have more tolerable periods. A great deal of woman suffer from monthly menstruation pain and many are looking for alternatives to conventional oral pain killers. 331 more words


Useless Womb

Exhaling like a dragon, slow and deliberate

Swirls of menthol-laced tobacco

Congeal and disperse amidst

Blooms of hawthorne trees

Blazing white against

The iron-gray inexorable celestial vault of dullness… 174 more words



Endometriosis is a painful, chronic disease which occurs when cells from the lining of the uterus grow outside of the uterus, where they do not belong. 687 more words