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From 8-19-14

A male overheard me speaking to a female about periods/menstruation. In absolute horror, as if he was being faced down by a rabid bear, the male backed away. 37 more words

Scrap: Connecting the Dots

Because this is my last semester at USC Upstate, I’m taking Senior Seminar: essentially, a 15-week-long writing workshop for a capstone paper. Knowing that I was going to take this course, I brainstormed all year for topic ideas. 425 more words

Undergraduate Study

Amber the bird-girl

MY first memory of Amber is of her waking me. “Come on,” she whispered. “Come to our place.”

She led me out the back gate and across the paddock to a tin shanty built alongside a caravan. 204 more words


5 Things Men Should NOT Say To Women During That Time Of The Month

Yup, my coworkers who are mainly over 45 and male, it is “my time of the month.” Since I work in an industry where women make up a mere 13.4% of the workforce (yay, engineering…not), I think I can safely say I am well accustomed to coworkers not understanding the basic Do’s and Don’ts of interacting with women during these 5-7 days of hell that come every month. 502 more words

More Biological Perspective

I just saw this article (How the woman got her period by Suzanne Sadedin, PhD), and found it pretty fascinating on how menstruation and pregnancy in humans (and close relatives) is so different from other animals. 316 more words


Menstruation in Fiction

For being such a big part of a woman’s life, I feel like menstruation isn’t discussed much in fiction. There are books that deal with a young woman getting her period for the first time, such as the classic,  153 more words