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No longer needing friends

I am so proud of myself.  It has been a very long time since I have desired any type of friendship.  I have completely stopped contacting my current friends and I feel good about it. 43 more words


Ashes in the wind.

How to save a life?
I ain’t nothing. World goes by and I still don’t count as a person?
Do I need money or fame? 20 more words



Someone told me today that I deserve someone who I cannot get, someone who is high above me and I have to fight for, someone who is wealthy and who can provide me a future.   208 more words

In the Beginning...

I discovered the art of running in August 2012, and subsequently re-discovered along with it, my almost overwhelmingly ambitious nature. It had been some time since I had decided to push myself physically, and even longer since I had re-drafted my own personal ambitions. 889 more words


This blog is not absurd.

If each one of us walked around with a tag cloud attached to us and each of those tags were chosen because collectively they represented who we are as individuals and how we became who we are, then the collection of tags for most of us would be…  1,037 more words

Cory Hare

Time heals everything.

When things cannot get any worse, they usually do.  

When life keeps throwing these curve balls at you, do not give up.

I know things are always easier said than done, but without hope we are nothing. 214 more words


Depression Poem (My First)

Depression is like a recession within your head.

Brain cells rummaging, wandering, restlessly until their dead.

Sleepless nights, full of freight, staying up til dawn… 78 more words