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What Was The Point

We all look back,
And some even laugh,
Some made our dreams,
Some made us scream,
Some even made us cry,

What was the point, 181 more words


To share is to care - for yourself and others

Welcome! Are you possessed by continual menacing thoughts entering your mind that will just not go away? Would you like to quieten your mind so you can live a normal life? 1,519 more words


Writing 101-Day 15 Your Voice Will Find You

With psychosis, you don’t hear voices, but you do see your imagination as reality. Maybe that would be okay if you lived in a nice, wonderful fantasy world. 690 more words


I'm Done*

I couldn’t believe you when you told me what we had to do.

I’ve known him all my life and then we had to separate. 451 more words

Beneath My Feral Hide

The windowpanes caught fire
And scorched slow
As I labored awake

I strained and heaved
To be clear and conscious
To coast through the morn… 44 more words


Just accept and shut up!

Why do I have to accept?

Why do I have to take it?

Why do I have to bear the burden?

Why do I have to face it!?! 221 more words


September 5, 1971...

Forty-three years ago on this date I married my husband. As we were standing in front of our Rabbi and he was speaking the traditional words “for better or worse till death do you part”, little did we know how true those words would be in our life together. 317 more words