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#August Moon, 14, Day 14: Gently Go

How will you start the journey?

All too often in life, we feel we cannot start any journey unless the conditions are set fair: The weather is perfect, the motorways are relatively free of traffic and the outlook is favourable. 629 more words




I am everything in one breath

Then your words take mine away

You are supposed to love me

Not make me wish for the dark over the day… 120 more words


Waiting on the World to Change

John Mayer YouTube video

I am waiting on the world to change.

I am tired of war, world conflicts and innocent people dying.

I am tired of world leaders with their narcissistic personalities just out to gain personal power. 214 more words

About yesterday's death in the hood

The guy I wrote about yesterday was not 48

He was 38

He had lost his father at a very young age and grew up in a household of 4 older sisters, whom are all married now. 479 more words

Just Saying

Sometimes We're All Blue

How can anybody prepare for the ravages of sadness?

Maybe it’s our financial circumstances that cause our misery; or perhaps it’s our love lives (or lack thereof) that causes our despair. 292 more words

Mental Health

Every night I pray and beg god for my death

No one should feel this way. No one should need to beg god for their death.

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