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Beneath My Feral Hide

The windowpanes caught fire
And scorched slow
As I labored awake

I strained and heaved
To be clear and conscious
To coast through the morn… 44 more words


Just accept and shut up!

Why do I have to accept?

Why do I have to take it?

Why do I have to bear the burden?

Why do I have to face it!?! 221 more words


September 5, 1971...

Forty-three years ago on this date I married my husband. As we were standing in front of our Rabbi and he was speaking the traditional words “for better or worse till death do you part”, little did we know how true those words would be in our life together. 317 more words


What really pisses me off big time

It is time for me to vent. I had an experience this weekend that brought back memories I would rather forget. They are memories of a person in my life who did not want to meet my son, was afraid of him and simply thought she would catch what he had as if it was contagious. 290 more words


#August Moon, 14, Day 14: Gently Go

How will you start the journey?

All too often in life, we feel we cannot start any journey unless the conditions are set fair: The weather is perfect, the motorways are relatively free of traffic and the outlook is favourable. 629 more words




I am everything in one breath

Then your words take mine away

You are supposed to love me

Not make me wish for the dark over the day… 120 more words