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Korsakoff's syndrome, alcoholism and capacity

The Court of Protection in X v A Local Authority 2014  were considering the case of a man who had Korsakoff’s syndrome, this is a disease of the brain almost exclusively seen in very serious alcoholics and it is where the drinking itself has damaged the structure of the brain, one of the manifestations being the difficulty in forming new memories.  2,573 more words

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Elderly and Caretakers note: Lasting Power of Attorney

For the elderly and their caretakers, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a useful document to note as one gracefully ages, the caretakers are empowered to make decisions for him/her should the unforeseen situations come along. 593 more words

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Capacity to live with your husband

The Court of Protection case of Re PB (2014)


The case involved a 72 year old woman PB, whom Norfolk CC considered to lack capacity and also felt that she could not safely live in her own home with her husband TB who was 50 and also said to lack capacity. 5,940 more words

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Barbecue tongs and police being given power to force entry to a home

Another C-section Court of Protection case. You may have seen the Daily Telegraph piece already


The Telegraph’s reporting is very faithful to the judgment here, and it is more of a factual report than a comment piece.  3,392 more words

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