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"Fucking Schizzo"

So after this whole experience, after going to the mental hospital, showing my family my cuts and being honest with everyone, one thing that I’ve really really learned is to just start being honest. 128 more words

SWAT team descends on gamer's home over risky prank called 'Swatting'

A SWAT team swarmed a family’s home in Long Island, N.Y., on Tuesday after a vengeful gamer reported that someone had been murdered there, and police are afraid it’s another instance of the dangerous trend called “Swatting.” 264 more words

Mental Disorder

Someone, No One

The  last few days have been challenging ones for me. If you read my last blog you would have seen me in a mental breakdown or crisis or whatever you want to call it. 615 more words

Mental Illness

No life

I’m back from a vacation. I’m supposed to be well rested and fit for work. Instead I’m lounging at home, vomiting from an overdose, completely upset and hurting myself with a pair of scissors. 111 more words

Nowhere to hide

I’ve been away for a few days. I tried to run and hide from my problems. In the middle of what I thought was nowhere. Isolated, no internet most of the time, not even phone signal for quite some time. 152 more words

The US prison system needs a total overhaul

. According to a Justice Department study more than half of the prisoners in the U.S. suffer from a bona fide mental illness. Among female inmates, about three-quarters have a diagnosable mental disorder. 1,041 more words


Loving With OCD

This video brought tears to my eyes, while that’s not very difficult at all, this truly is a touching video. His writing is amazing, the emotion in his work, his animation, everything is perfect. 131 more words