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Something like ennui but not quite the same.

Everyday’s the same scenario of I’ve just had my lunch but I’m still hungry. My stomach is a bottomless pit. Much like my waking consciousness, take a peak into it’s vast nothingness. 236 more words

Occasional Blurb

Reasons to Quit

Mental Health Monday

There are many things in life we would be better off not doing. But other things, like taking necessary meds, we need to be sure to keep at. 706 more words


Strong Enough (Like a Man)

I am super thrilled to announce that I am now also a contributor on Stigmama®. If you’re not familiar with this amazing blog, here’s some info: 261 more words

Mental Health

Paranoid much?

No shame. I lie often. Sometimes its to save face. But usually its to help someone not hurt, or not hurt as much. I don’t really cheat. 467 more words

Current Approach to Mental Health (Part 4)

I left off yesterday focusing (possibly too much) on the negative attention that mental health seems to draw due to tragic events such as Columbine, Newtown and Aurora, Colorado.  853 more words


The Speed of Dark - Elizabeth Moon (2002)

‘Lou is different to normal people. He interacts with the world in a way they do not understand. He might not see the things they see, but he also sees many things they do not. 307 more words