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Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Taking a break from my fictional book/movie series, this week I’m going to be discussing one of my favorite hobbies: meditating. Meditating is looked upon by some as something difficult to do, but there is nothing difficult about relaxing really. 466 more words


PCT Day 1and 2: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

I confess: I am a biased hiker. The high alpine country above timberline is where I prefer to hike.  The sweeping vista of snow-capped peaks and the dazzling array of alpine flowers strike the sweet spot in my backpacking experience.  605 more words

Post #106

During the month of August I logged 58.8 miles running, walking, biking and using the arc trainer. The arc trainer is something new that I have tried instead of the elliptical. 217 more words

The Day I started Believing in Self

For much of my life I have been told what to do and how to do it. It wasn’t until I went out on a limb and started taking my own direction is when I realized I was better off. 283 more words


Inducing inspiration

Inspiration is a funny thing. It’s an idea that we romanticise, especially when talking about the arts. But it’s also a vital artistic tool, and one that we should constantly work on if we can. 767 more words


Use It or Lose It: Intellectual Exercise Can Save Your Mind

The mind can atrophy, like the muscles, if it is not used. Atrophy of the mental muscles is the penalty that we pay for not taking mental exercise.

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