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Inducing inspiration

Inspiration is a funny thing. It’s an idea that we romanticise, especially when talking about the arts. But it’s also a vital artistic tool, and one that we should constantly work on if we can. 767 more words


Use It or Lose It: Intellectual Exercise Can Save Your Mind

The mind can atrophy, like the muscles, if it is not used. Atrophy of the mental muscles is the penalty that we pay for not taking mental exercise.

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Life Of The Mind


Just a quick mental exercise today.

Think of the most embarrassing moment in your life.

Now try to remember when anyone else did something as embarrassing. 22 more words


Day 21: 5 Questions to Create Discipline

I am into creating discipline right now.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, discipline is an “activity that provides mental or physical training.”

Discipline is often seen as being limiting because it prevents you from doing what you “really” want, like eating pizza, staying up late, or maybe having one more drink. 338 more words