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They bicker and jab,

bitch and nag.

They insult and growl,

scream and scowl.

Then it’s over, they forget.

There’s nothing left to regret.

I am irritated. 107 more words


Low battery

Today I am nothing but an empty skin.

I have been, if not working around the clock, then close enough to it that it makes little difference. 60 more words


Disconnect & Creativity

Metropolis life
Information addiction
Mental exhaustion

Far from media
Pockets of silence are found
Centeredness restored

Do you ever feel like you are addicted to information? 262 more words


what's inside pt 2

and then you get inside of them

This month I’ve learned the power of being present. Giving the whole of yourself to someone, even for just a moment, will get you just as much, if not more, in return.  428 more words