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One Road Together

For the young, old, fast, slow, and disabled. The Netherlands infrastructure is exactly how it should be. All encompassing. Check out the video above.



Week 3 - Anniversary

Thanksgiving 2013 will go down in my personal history as the time I was at my lowest. I was in a deep dark hole and I was unable to get out of the rut I was in. 226 more words


Gaslighting: Mental Abuse and Holiday Stress

The holidays have been super busy and always seem like a rushed time of year. I can never quite get a grasp on how fast time slips past me. 565 more words

Mental Health


I’m not well. In so many ways and for the past few days. It seems I have not yet learned how critical it is to put my needs at the top of the very long list. 306 more words

Soul Searching

My wife reads good stuff, too

My wife wanted me to read this chapter because it made her think of me because it’s about a preacher who decides to be a counselor. 110 more words


The Power of Positive Words

I know I haven’t been writing lately and to my followers I apologize. I’ve been doing some deep work on myself and sometimes I’m pretty tired and not up to writing. 244 more words

Mental Health

A "Super" purchase!

Excuse the terrible pun in the title, it will make sense shortly!

I started my Happiness Project¬†on my birthday and I’m wrapping up my resolutions for November, which are: 272 more words

Mental Health