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#mylifematters Part II


Part II


I wish I remember the details of what follows, though, really, it’s better that I don’t. I remember enough and I’ll share that with you. 3,997 more words


On a slightly furrier note...

With everything else going on I completely forgot to post these photos of the visitor we had last week!

One cold morning this week I was walking down our frosted pier, thinking Arctic thoughts when a flapping movement caught my eye.   289 more words


When Love isn't Enough....

    The one thing I haven’t talked about or just said verbatim, when it comes to mental health issues, is the topic of love and that it’s sadly not enough. 1,900 more words


I'm So Tired

My sister says “You’re no fun” and I feel bad. I know I’m not. I’m sick and depressed. I don’t feel like doing anything but laying on my bed. 187 more words

Mental Health


Some days you try.
Some days are trying.
Often days involve a little bit of one and a lot of the other.

And then there are the days that take all you have of both. 109 more words


Living With Depression Is Like...

Living with depression

is like watching people around you

breathing but instead

your blue lips inhale

words of self-hatred

and you know you should

be able to fill your… 33 more words

My Life's Journey

#mylifematters Part I


Part I


I was 16 when it began. I’d had the perfect, idyllic childhood. Raised in a close knit town, surrounded by caring people, the perfect nuclear family. 1,652 more words