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Walking Through the Graveyard

We walked through the serene graveyard, admiring some of the stones and reflecting on the other types of graveyards found in the world. I looked at the stones and felt afraid. 122 more words



“Hazel…Hazel?” Joel called, in a concerned voice, worried that she’s sleeping the day away again. This is all too new to the both of them. Scary. 529 more words


Current Issues in Mental Health in Canada: The Federal Role. Jane Sleeth speaking Davis LLP event May 2014

Current Issues in Mental Health in Canada: The Federal Role in Mental Health.

Jane Sleeth, author of the Carswell Publication on Psychological and Mental Health in the Workplace, will be guest speaker at the upcoming Davis LLP full day conference in Toronto ON. 67 more words



When I was young, like may be seven or eight, is when I first figured out that everything dies, everything falls apart, life moves from order to disorder in a never ending outward spiral. 907 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

What I Do When I'm Not With You

When I’m on my own, I quite often lay on the carpet in my living room in silence and I think. When I do I think hard and I can feel my chest, my pulse in my toes, my thumbs, through my back. 458 more words

Contemporary Art

Ascertaining The Braining.

So. Yet another milestone moment. Today is the day where I had my last appointment with my current psychologist. No more sessions. I’m fixed enough to the point where their help is ineffective because of the progress that’s been made and I have to do the rest of the fixing on my own. 398 more words