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So I ate - now what?

I feel sick. Both physically and mentally . I can feel everything. From the nausea that threatens to overtake me, to all of my heightened senses. 229 more words


Art Jewelry Elements January Challenge

This month’s challenge from Art Jewelry Elements was open to all!


The editors challenged us to use components created by the editors, rescued from our stashes of beads, and to make something from them. 606 more words

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I Am a Big, Fat Hypocrite (and a terrible person)

I Am a Big, Fat Hypocrite
(and a terrible person)

My pants are totally on fire. 👖🔥

Sort of. I didn’t exactly lie to anyone, I just acted contrary to my belief system. 1,255 more words


Concussion Go Away

I wrote this at the end of last week…

I’ve not been able to write most of the week because of the concussion.  Reading and looking on my phone or tablet was also not allowed. 146 more words



You don’t really realize how depressed you are until everyone’s left the room and you’re still making jokes to the coffee cup across the table.


I'm Anemic

Every 56 days, I donate blood. I have done it 7 times now. Earlier this week, it was time for my scheduled appointment and upon having my blood tested, it came back low. 206 more words

Mental Health

SAA YCM SHSG annivarsary

२००९ मध्ये आकाशवाणी वरील एका कार्यक्रमामुळे मी पुण्यातील स्किझोफ्रेनिया अवेरनेस असोशिएशन(‘सा’) शी जोडलो गेलो. त्यांच्या वेगवेगळ्या कार्यक्रमाला उपस्थित राहणे, स्व-मदत गटाच्या बैठकांना हजर राहणे, आणि या ना त्या प्रकारे ‘सा’ च्या मूळ उद्दिष्टांच्या संदर्भात काही तरी योगदान देत राहणे सुरु होते. 6 more words