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In Adrian Furnham’s book “50 psychology ideas you really need to know”, he writes the following under the chapter regarding stress:

People who believe that the events that occur in their lives are the result of their own behaviour and/or ability, personality and effort have less stress than those who believe events in their lives to be a function of luck chance, fate, God, powerful others or powers beyond their control.

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The Unhappy Penguin

Some women have mates that are snazzy dressers and connoisseurs at being metro sexual and they are well put together everywhere they go. Sometimes they even outshine the women themselves.. 432 more words


My Big Secret (followed by a rant)

I bet you’re here because you saw my share and you’re thinking, “Big secret? I have to know about this!” and you’re hoping you’ll find out I’m pregnant or sold a manuscript or something. 1,890 more words



Taken @ Pioneer Clubhouse on the market  day, I wasn’t the official Photographer  for the event , (I was roped in to it) but happy to do so.

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What's New With Thinmintspiration?

Wow. WOWY-WOW-WOW. Alright, pumpkin spicelings, I’m back. And I want to talk to you about why I’ve been gone, what I’ve learned in that time, where I am now, and where I want to be. 1,101 more words

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The selfish disposition of family

As someone who has struggled with depression almost my entire life , you would think my family would be my strongest support system. Let me be the first to tell you that they should be my strongest supporters! 185 more words