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Benzodiazepines: the demonised life saving drugs

As I noted in my previous post about LSD, I do not take a stereotypical anti-pharma view and I would be defending the class of drugs known as minor tranquillisers, or benzodiazepines if you really like sounding smart. 1,943 more words


Dark Chocolate and Deep Conversations

This has absolutely nothing to do with dark chocolate. I just thought it sounded pretty great as a portion of the title, don’t you think? I have a thing of alliterations. 557 more words



My diagnosis was one of many things that happened this year.

All told, a bad year.

Now I’m depressed and anxious. I’m not functional. I usually do function and keep going. 117 more words

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A Brief Update..

I’m at the hospital, waiting for my father’s procedure to be done. About 3.5 hours to wait. Ugh. .stuck alone & surrounded by strangers. That’s great for the agoraphobia. 92 more words

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Crumbling Walls

I’m exhausted from crying. It was another tough day today. I knew it would happen, and today was the day; I had to talk about the Travelodge call and trial. 854 more words

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Pushing Through the Mess

Again apologies for the lack of activity to my regular readers but it is that time of year where everything is hectic. Secondly I’ll apologise for the fact that this is probably going to be a heavy post, happy ones are still on the horizon I promise. 1,033 more words


Interview with BBC News

Today I was on the 1 o clock news on BBC One talking about the night I spent in a cell because of mental illness and lack of beds/safe places. 29 more words

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