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What If Everything We Know About Treating Depression Is Wrong?

Sept. 1, 2014


As we have been saying: eat well, rest well, sleep well, think well, live well, and, when you feel like it, use cannabis, as it probably is the best way to cope with this irrational world. 485 more words


Do What Scares You: Publishing My Memoir

Robin Williams committed suicide a few weeks ago and devastated me. I initially thought my reaction was irrational since I knew the man no better than any other schmuck who likes movies. 141 more words


Beyond the physical, to the spiritual.

Humans are amazing. Our brains are amazing. The coordination of all of the abilities that have to come together to complete something we consider “basic” like getting dressed is mind-blowing when you really factor in everything that is happening. 953 more words

Brain Injury

Routine is the answer

I’m told bipolar responds well to routine. Go to bed the same time every night. Wake up the same time every morning. Structuring the day with tasks, and repeating the same or a similar structure everyday, and voila! 408 more words


paxkayak reblogged this on Paddling for PEACE. and commented:

Heads up Bipolar Beauties... is this you? Can we support each other on the weekends so we're not like... I don't know ruining our routine that's so vital to our survival? Loved this piece. So true!!!

I was asked this question....

So I was asked this question middle of last week and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I was asked if I am “feeding” the bipolar beast or “starving” it? 1,068 more words


In Anticipation of Sam Harris's Newest Book

Sam Harris has already written these five books, all of which I have read. I wasn’t crazy about the first one, but thoroughly enjoyed all the others. 127 more words

Mental Health

Solitude in Nature

Thoreau’s Need for Solitude

“By my intimacy with nature I find myself withdrawn from man. My interest in the sun and the moon, in the morning and the evening, compels me to solitude.” July 25, 1851… 258 more words