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The crank is an essential component to any bike. Without this piece, your bike is a slave to gravity. You can’t control the speed or the ability to propel forward. 362 more words


Wanting vs Appreciating

I’ve said it again and again and again. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to enact change in your life. But people are so asleep—they’re so mesmerized by their conditioning—that they can comprehend that what I’m suggesting makes sense, but before they break through they won’t fully commit to actually doing it. 673 more words

Scott McPherson

Traded one form of stress for another

Holidays are tough for a lot of people. I guess for hyper organized extroverts it isn’t bad, but for most people they can be tough, I do know that for an introverted man whose highest priority is family they are very difficult. 430 more words

Mental Health

My Holiday Season-2009

In my more personal blogs vs. activism, I think I’ve kind of made it clear, I’m kind of way stuck in the past. Specifically, of where I was, EXACTLY 5 years ago. 1,070 more words


Red Lights

I’m driving through the streets of London, stopping at the multitude of traffic lights, controlling the traffic. I’m staring absent mindedly at the red light, waiting for it to change. 247 more words


You Scratch My Back (Or I'll Never Bother You Again!)

I use flickr alot and have hundreds of contacts. However only about 10-20 of the them ever post comments on my pictures. Some people appear to go around all their contacts saying   190 more words

Social Anxiety

"60 DAYS: In the life of a Teenager with Bipolar" Day 5: The Battle of Sleep

Day 5
Mood 6

Dear Blog,
I lay awake. My mind races. Thoughts speeding fast like a race track. My heart beats. Beats. Beats. Faster. Faster. 113 more words