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In the news: mental health services strain

The BBC published an article this morning highlighting the difficulties the mental health services are facing. Despite the fact that the number of nursing posts have increased in the last four years, the number of those dedicated to mental health has actually fallen. 6 more words


Conroe clinic seeks to fill gap in mental health services

Agustin Gutierrez has heard the story many times: patients looking for mental health care get turned away from hospitals and doctors because they aren’t insured or can’t pay the bills. 44 more words


CT Mirror: "Legislators delve into deficit, including its sudden appearance"

“The legislature’s two budget-writing panels grilled Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s fiscal staff Friday about the new state deficit – and the administration’s latest cuts to reduce it.” 73 more words



While browsing twitter this hashtag cought my eye and I quickly joined in to share my experiences with the local crisis team. My local trust hasn’t got the best history (has been under investigation a few times), I had so much to say and quite a few people replied to them saying they were quite shocked by them. 247 more words

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CT Mirror: "Malloy's emergency budget cuts fall on social services, education"

“Gov. Dannel P. Malloy ordered nearly $48 million in emergency budget cuts Thursday, imposing the deepest cuts on social services, education¬†and culture and tourism promotion.” 24 more words


Creative Collisions and Critical Conversations by Alison Rooke

There is currently a great deal of interest in the potential of art, and in particular participatory art, to improve the mental health of the population. 1,239 more words

Beyond "get help." The reality of accessing mental health services.

A few months ago, Robin Williams’ suicide sparked a rash of posts on social media urging those struggling with mental illness to “get help.” This was massively frustrating to me because, while well-intentioned, the people who posted and re-posted these pleas clearly had no idea how hard it is to access mental health treatment in this country. 665 more words

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