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Sydney Gunman and New Zealand Politics

“Key has previously said intelligence agencies were monitoring up to 40 wannabe jihadis, but until now has not offered verification or further details.

Now, he says they display ‘not identical but similar characteristics’ to Monis. 54 more words


Mental Health Services in crisis

Eighteen months ago I suffered a manic episode after acute pancreatitis was followed by kidney failure. I required urgent inpatient treatment in a secure unit. I am not blaming the infection and water retention entirely as there are people who suffer acute infections who do not go off their head. 2,201 more words

Sandy Hook Teachers Worry About Loss Of Mental Health Services

NEWTOWN, Conn. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, have told top union leaders in the state and nationally that they are worried what will happen once funding for mental health services runs out by the next school year. 323 more words


Getting The Most Out Of Your Doctors Visit

It’s very easy to assume that when we go to our doctors for answers they will have them. After all, they went to medical school and have the nice shiny plaque on their office wall so why is it when we leave their office we don’t always feel satisfied, heard or even understood? 810 more words

Mental Illness

North West campaign launched to defend Mental Health Services

Why is it in 2014 that writers and celebrities are often the chosen speakers at many demos or public events about the austerity? Is it because the left is so disengaged from the people on the frontline of the cuts? 443 more words

Two Moms Uncover Plot To Deny Mental Health Services To Children

Mary Peitso and Ilene Allinger Candreva of Monterey County California,¬†are both moms of sons that need mental health services. Mary and Ilene joined forces with the non profit agency, … 1,694 more words

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Dear Crisis Team

Crisis Team

As a user I don’t ask for much when phoning, just some body to answer and not a answer phone message, a listening voice, someone who could give some helpful advice and some support (maybe a face to face meeting) and insight into why I’m calling. 195 more words

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