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Moving out + inspiration for making "voices matter"

Have had confirmation from the GP that all is ok with staying with that practice when I move out on Saturday – which is great. If urgent support is required thereafter i will remain with the GP and be refered to East Riding services. 168 more words

Wearing a mask

This has been my mask today.

When I wear the mask I convince myself the “real” world……today that being my sister……can’t see every suicidal thought and plan.  246 more words

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Juxtaposition – “The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect”

I’m standing outside the homeless drop in center tonight talking to a young lady sitting on the ground who is bawling her eyes out. 213 more words



I’m suspicious of everyone

People are suspicious of me.

I’ve been sitting in darkness for days, the fear to open my curtains is overwhelming. I did open them briefly one day but had to wear my sunglasses, the anxiety was too high and I had to shut the curtains again. 222 more words

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Making a Slide Show of Greeting Cards Over the Years

It has been 2 hectic months since my last post.  Lots of things had happened.  Just got back from an overseas trip to Asia to visit family and friends. 709 more words

Unexpected knowledge - Things I've learned since being sectioned

Since starting to have mental health problems and then being sectioned, I’ve learned about things I never imagined existed or would need to know about. 561 more words

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Brings a whole new dimension to shared learning; we all have something to learn from this.........

What are universities doing to help student's mental health?

It’s the Easter ‘break’ from university, where students up and down the country are revising frantically for exams, in the midst of stress. When I awoke in the middle of the night, struggled to get back to sleep, and thought ‘maybe I should just start revising now’ it lead me to wonder how many other students are having sleepless nights at the thought of exam season. 435 more words

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