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Where are they now?

Once spamalot closed I had to go back to a normal life. This was a very tough move. I was scared that without the show, where I had to be healthy, I would relapse back into old habits. 609 more words



Trauma has a way of making your sleeping hours some of the most difficult and if you have experienced this in your own life you will understand what I have written about.   301 more words


Shame, guilt and absolution

Shame: A painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrassment, unworthiness, or disgrace.

A severe manic episode leaves a residue of shame that no magic formula can resolve or wash away. 360 more words


Great Expectations

After yesterday’s blog post, I started thinking about expectations. The expectations we set for ourselves and for our lives. Whether it be for the next year or the next decade, we all set some form of expectations. 361 more words


Mental Health Services in crisis because of Coalition cuts to funding

A succession of Conservative ¬†governments have demonstrated very clearly that when it comes to funding established and crucial provisions for our most vulnerable citizens, they lack the foresight required to grasp that reducing funding means reducing our public services to the bare capacity for “firefighting” only – crisis management – rather than a much preferred “preventative” approach. 941 more words

Can't you see you're ripping me apart? Can't I see I'm allowing you to?

Sometimes it just hits me. Out of no where. Like a fist in the gut it can take me to the floor in moments.

It happened in the shower. 627 more words

The Path

The Science of Depression

I’ve always been interested in the science of depression. When I was growing up, there still wasn’t a lot of respect for depression being a ‘legitimate’ disease. 158 more words