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Recovery and Relapse continued...'she chose those boots'

Last time it happened (2010) I was sectioned and held under the Mental Health Act for 28 days for assessment on an Acute psychiatric ward. I remained undiagnosed until 2011, by which time I was living alone, having lost contact with my family and cut myself off from all my friends. 882 more words

Mental Health

Breaking Mirrors

You told me with pride,

That you break a lot of mirrors,

It was elf-defacing in the presence of a man

Who sees nothing but your simple beauty, 128 more words


The chaos bubble *trigger warning*

I’m on my third day at work and it’s all going pretty well I would say; the work is simple – the people are friendly and my family has rallied around me to help with the kids. 182 more words


What parts of your mental health do you think I would like to change, and why? QTAPWMI - Day 19

Well it is Tuesday morning and I managed to get a good night’s sleep last night and am so grateful for this.  Sleeping is something which doesn’t come easy to me, and so when it happens I really am blessed. 864 more words

Mental Illness

Reclaim Your Confidence

Exploring Issues of Insecurity and Self Esteem
by David R. Farnsworth, MA, LPC, NCC

Webster defines confidence as “full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing.”  Why is there such a phenomenon in our society where we often so powerfully lack self-confidence? 475 more words

Mental Health