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The Play Kitchen

by Christy Gualtieri

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the less you pay for a child’s toy, the more pieces there will be for you to have to put together yourself. 650 more words

Mental Health

Be smarter thanks to flavonoids

Who want to be smarter, focus easier, be better in communication and decision making? Blueberries and berries in general are your IQ pills.



Have We Forgotten How To Have Fun?

Let’s face it. This stage in our lives can often be stressful. We have high pressure jobs that are demanding, vicissitudes in our economic situations, family responsibilities, sleep deprivation and overcrowded roads full of road-rage potential. 616 more words


a creative take on the common calendar

via artist susanna hertrich:

Chrono-Shredder celebrates remorse for the lost moment. It is a poetic machine with functions similar to those of a calendar and a clock: The device continuously shreds every single day, minute after minute, hour after hour.

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Parent behaviors linked to kids' anxiety, depression

Young people whose parents tend to fight with each other or are over involved in their kids’ lives are at increased risk of depression and anxiety, according to a new comprehensive review of past studies. 12 more words

There's Hope in Arapahoe

After my interview with Crystal (see previous blog post), she connected me with two other gun violence survivors based in the outlying suburbs of Denver. The first was Kirk Bast, head counselor at Arapahoe High School for nearly 20 years. 706 more words

Run to the Beat? Couldn't I just walk?

I’m happy. Why? Because I’ve just been on Wandsworth Common going through various strengthening exercises in front of hoards of teenagers just out from school. I’m sure they thoroughly enjoyed it. 481 more words