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#9 What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now

They tell me it will help me; mentions of serotonin, hormones, that currently wish me dead. I hold the small paper cup in my hand and turn it slowly. 34 more words


OCD and Schizophrenia

A recent study published this month in JAMA Psychiatry suggests that those who suffer from OCD might be at a higher risk than the general population for developing schizophrenia. 443 more words

Mental Health

Delving deep into the mind....and the body now as well....

I’m nearly four months into my daily mindfulness practice and as mentioned previously, has provided noticeable benefits in my day to day living. I’m gaining a greater understanding and acceptance of how my mind works, and just being with a thought or feeling without attachment or resistance. 224 more words

Why is unfriending a person

Why is unfriending a person or everyone off your Facebook page such a big deal? I started back with Facebook and started getting frustrated with it again. 89 more words


Everything is connected

This is one of the first things I learned from my psychologist; everything is connected. Our brain is connected to our body in the same way our way of thinking is connected to how we feel. 435 more words

Mental Health

Attention seeking

The mental health community online has a lot to be upset about. Not only do we as the ‘mentally ill’ face quite often daily stigma in life from the general public, from doctors, from employers, even family and friends there’s been a swathe of stores thinking it’s cool to make fun of mental illness. 138 more words


Belonging Nowhere...

So again it has been a couple months since my last update or blog. I am pretty bad at keeping it all in place.

Up until a week or two ago I really didn’t want to go back to England to face my reality and having to live with my parents again. 925 more words