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Yes, that was a strange start to the day. But after a pep talk from my mate, I’m back in the game again. I do have a habit of letting things drift and letting my responsibilities and focus go from time to time. 73 more words

Mental Health

Career queries (try saying that 3 times!)

My career ambitions have been targeted and aimed towards a career in law. I studied law a-level, completed a law degree with a very good grade and I now work in a law firm as a secretary. 125 more words

Coping Skills, Depression, and twenty one pilots!

Something that can make or break a day at work is depending who I work with for that particular shift. So far I get along pretty well with all my co-workers. 2,195 more words

Obamacare Will Medicate Gun Ownership

In case you are confused about the stories circulating about gun control, this should clarify the position. Obama has, in the wake of the Sandy Hook event, pushed for a radical program that will limit the 2nd Amendment including through the… 100 more words

Feds to spend $200-million on boosting mental health support for soldiers — but watchdog says it's 'not enough'

OTTAWA — The federal government has announced $200 million over six years to support mental health needs of military members, veterans and their families.

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces also announced Sunday that an additional $16.7 million in ongoing funds will be available to support forces members, veterans, and their families. 468 more words