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It Takes Over

I never thought i’d be the girl with scars covering my body. I never thought i’d be the person with such a sad story. I never thought i’d be the one in and out of hospitals for an addiction I couldn’t beat. 1,037 more words

Cognitive Dissonance Existence

Cognitive dissonance- mental stress or discomfort experience by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time. or is confronted by new information that conflicts with these existing beliefs, etc. 1,034 more words


#WhyWeShouldInclude - Why Shared Decision-Making Matters

I recently Re-blogged a story or a collection of tweets¬†that contained the hashtag #WhyWeDontEngage. Charlotte Walker is mental health advocate who noted that mental health clients often are accused of “not engaging”. ¬† 327 more words

Social Work

So...Things are Getting Better?

I’ve been struggling on what to write for days, so I thought I might as well give a short update with the holidays coming up and all. 224 more words


Your worst personality traits... and why they're also your best.

So recently someone told me she had feelings for me; and in due course I explained all the reasons why she shouldn’t, and rattled off the list of my negative qualities. 499 more words

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