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We’ve been on a journey, my BPD label and I. Ironically, it’s been the most intense and unstable relationship I’ve ever had. For some people their diagnosis is a useful map, a well worn guide as they navigate through life and mental health services. 1,038 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Journaling and Why It's Important

The title of this makes it seem like I’m going to impart some inspirational story of how journaling has really helped me. In actual fact, this is more of a reminder to myself: I NEED TO JOURNAL MORE! 681 more words


Coming Back to Life

In which The Author is back from the brink

As you can probably tell, I didn’t go home on Wednesday and swallow a shedload of Co-codamol. 1,200 more words

Mental Health

Choose the Emotional Response As You Wish

In many psychotherapy techniques, I like Psychodrama the most. It is the technique that you can see things at the centre of the cyclone of emotions. 369 more words


Discarded Me

A Poem I decided not to publish

Crazy lady
Sometimes I am an introvert
Want to be left alone
And sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I am so sad… 134 more words


Affirmation & Scandal

Due to the holiday hub-bub even we hermit-like creatures endure at this time of the year, I have been unable to write these last few days. 220 more words