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Drowning not waving: Fight the stigma by providing the support

Another week, another batch of stories about mental health. Another week, another soul I consider a friend in trouble because of their mental health. Another week, another plea on social media for understanding as the damaged try to out run their demons. 551 more words


Pardon Me This Lapse

A kick in the gut by a hobnailed boot.

Loneliness has that way of hitting you. It takes you down for the count.

Internal bleeding? Check. 111 more words


Christmas time with anorexia

Christmas normally means a lot of things to a lot of people whether it’s based around celebration, religion, spending time with family or those family traditions but to me it’s a time of fear, stress, being triggered by the slightest of things and the yearly tradition of crying during dinner and the family fallout after it as a result. 501 more words

Mental Health

It's a free world!!

Someone recently commented on how fortunate this generation was, in terms of the freedom they had. Just look at the clothes girls now wear. You would think they were all models right out of the pages of fashion magazines. 1,162 more words


Unusual Methods To Combat Self-Harming [Part 2]

So just over a week ago I covered 4 unusual ways to combat self-harming, and I’m guessing you want more this time? These activities and ideas may not work for everyone but it is worth trying if you might not damage your body again. 545 more words


Kindness for Christmas

The most wonderful time of year is upon us. Well for me anyway.
I love Christmas and all it means, no not the money and the stress, because there’s lots of both. 459 more words

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It's Time To Start Talking.

We live in a world where people are always talking, but how often are they talking about things that matter? Despite living in a world where free speech is becoming more and more of an option there are still subjects people are afraid to talk about. 159 more words