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Women in Positions of Power Show More Signs of Depression Than Men

Symptoms of depression become more prevalent for women as they obtain job authority but less prevalent for men, a new study from the University of Texas at Austin suggests. 208 more words

Jung On Religion In Therapy

For some time now I’ve been fascinated by Carl Jung and groundbreaking work in the field of psychology and psychoanalysis.  Although for me, Jung was far more – he was a mystic and a very unconventional ‘holy man’ who gave us a profound insight into human nature and its interaction with the Divine. 298 more words



By Caitlyn Pearson Dunn, LCSW

My daughter and I have been having a tough time these past couple of weeks. Her temperament is different from my son’s. 703 more words

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Surviving the Systems: nonbinary art for World Mental Health Day 2014

Candydiosis shares their artwork and installation for this year’s World Mental Health Day.

TW: mentions of mental health, agoraphobia. 

This is an installation I created for World Mental Health Day 2014, as part of ‘SURVIVING THE SYSTEMS, an exhibition of work looking at how people have used art in times of their life to cope or survive with situations.’ 222 more words

Ancestral Health and Psychiatry. Part 2 Circadian Rhythms

by Dr Greg Brown

Read Part 1 here

Intersecting with this discussion of inflammation, the gut, and psychosocial stress is the other half of my theme — sleep and circadian rhythms. 920 more words


"Fuming with the anger of a thousand burning fires."

When I’m with two young kids for the majority of the day oftentimes I find myself dealing with one, two, up to a few hundred scenarios where I have to correct their misbehavior, handle an argument or just referee as they bicker about some mundane thing or another. 539 more words

Take the Yoke

I’ve been in a malaise of stress and mental exhaustion since I last wrote. And let me tell you, comfort eating does not cure a damn thing. 355 more words