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A Citizen of the Empire

It threw it down on the Jubilee Bank Holiday, back in June 2012. Just as well that first flush of wanting to persuade my disparate, and probably indifferent, neighbours to somehow “come together” via a street party came to nowt. 502 more words

Do you wanna see your biggest opponent?
Look in the mirror

The Ark After The Storm

My son moved out the end of June.

I would have loved for it to be a jovial send off but it was amidst confrontation, hours of yelling, and the fallout was near disaster for us financially. 525 more words

Drug Addiction

Mental Misconduct

A wounded soldier, I get up each time. My will to withstand bullshit is done.

I am not that person any more, you can not have my sanity. 553 more words

Mental Health

dealing with it

I found this cartoon online (via Boggle the Owl)



The subject of depression is very close to my heart and I think that this particular comic defines how I feel about it perfectly.  15 more words

New month.

So back with a new month, but a new start?
Sometimes people may see a new year as a new start. Break old habits. But why wait for a new date. 171 more words


Whole 30 - Week 4 Recap - Nearly There!

Wow, this is my final weekly recap as on Wednesday I will finish my Whole 30! I’ve got lots of thoughts going round in my head right now about Whole 30 but I want to save most of those for my overall recap that will come after I’ve done the reintroduction phase so, for now, I shall try and keep this pretty brief. 653 more words