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I know when my husband starts worrying about me, things are not good.

My husband can be a pretty good gauge of where I am at.

He knows I have had a really horrible week and all my PTSD, anxiety and complex trauma symptoms are increased. 162 more words

Pass on the Positivity - Mental Health Awareness

Hello All! As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I introduced my plan to spread positive thoughts with my POTP cards. The wait is over! 88 more words

Mental Health

7 Weeks of Weird:- Week 4 - Weird routines

So, this weeks (well last weeks, but I’m late) week of weird from Mental Mama is:-

What is the weirdest habit/routine you have?

Well, I kind of have a lot of weird routines, and it’s kind of apt that this question is being asked now because it’s one of the things I am currently working on being less crazy about. 871 more words

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Lesson 16: Resist the Tug

Shots of Awe – have you heard of this? Jason Silva is fast becoming YouTube’s resident philosopher. This one below in particular really resonates with me. 231 more words

30 Life Lessons

Anxiety – it's actually a thing. Let's talk about it.


I have something on my chest …

… and it’s a heavy feeling that I can’t shake. This is one of those lengthy, vulnerable posts, so bear with me. 2,273 more words


Something I Need To Work On

I am way too sensitive.  If something gets said and I’m not on my A Game to where I can actually listen to what’s being said instead of taking it leaps and bounds beyond what was said, I go into complete melt down mode.   197 more words

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Structuring the ADD environment

Treating ADD: What works, what doesn’t, and why…

How far should parents and teachers go in structuring the environment?

Structuring is a method of managing behavior, promoting responsibility, encouraging independent functioning by changing the physical surroundings or by providing the organization necessary for completion of a task. 242 more words