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The Light Threw The Clouds

It can be so hard to stay positive when life gets hard.  Trying to find things to make you smile can be close to impossible some days.   219 more words

Service Dog


I hate having attention but when I don’t have it I get angry and sad. I don’t understand it.

My poor boyfriend is sick. I’m trying to take care of him but I don’t know what to do. 135 more words

Generation sans Mutation

Yes I know, I published an article yesterday but I just write when the mood strikes so, there you go.

I’m going to start off by being extremely up front, this is probably one of the more personal articles I’ll publish on here. 2,145 more words


Featured Advocate: Autumn from Raising Awareness for Dissociative Identity Disorder and DID Support 2/10

Autumn:  I’m an advocate because I am an alter of someone with DID. I’m trying to raise awareness for Dissociative Identity Disorder and get people to understand it’s a real disorder and not what is shown so much on TV and movies. 347 more words

Being Physically Sick With A Mental Illness

I’ve been fighting off a real bad cold for the last several days.  While not as bad as some sicknesses more common in the winter months, it has taken a lot of strength out of me.   403 more words

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