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People need to stop romanticising mental illness.

I have been a frequent tumblr user for roughly four years now, and the disturbing alteration from a once simplistic, innocent site, to a brewing ground for teens to publicise their mental illness is extremely frustrating. 314 more words

Introducing my new friends

Do you remember me saying in my last post that the interim CMHT guy suggested I name my pain to try to cultivate a relationship with my mental health issues? 831 more words

Just A Child

When I was younger,
They told me I was “just a child.”
“Why should you be sad?”
“Your life is good.”
“You’re just stubborn. Just lazy and selfish.” 261 more words


Working on Anxiety

So, I have been interning for about two months now. At first the anxiety got the best of me and I wanted to quit. After talking about it with my therapist and the boss I decided if ever there was a place for me to work it would be a place like this. 719 more words


shadows of myself

An erratic mind lost in beauty and thought

 A girl still young and unknowing of loss

A trickle of time forever now it is lost… 54 more words


I woke up today having a panic attack. I went back to sleep and woke up an hour later, feeling the same panic. It is now down to general anxiety, and that has me not able to leave my bed. 1,062 more words


Mental Illness Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions about Mental Illness in the world. If you take a look you will realize that most of these perceptions have been portrayed in the movies and the media over and over again. 1,719 more words